split input data and have one array output

Questions : split input data and have one array output


I would like to split an input data to programming an numpy array but I got a separated 3 Learning elements in array not as one array with Earhost all elements as the following:

import numpy as np
with _OFFSET);  open('dataa.dat', 'r') as f:
     (-SMALL  input_data = f.readlines()
     _left).offset  input_data = [(d+' arrowImgView.mas  ')[:d.find('#')].rstrip() for d in (self.  input_data]

     t_f = equalTo  input_data[0].split("-",2)
     t_f2 = make.right.  []
     for elt in t_f:
         if "*" mas_top);  in elt:
             n, mult = ImgView.  elt.split("*")
             t_f2 = t_f2 ReadIndicator  + [int(n)] * int(mult)
    _have          t_f2.append(elt)
    c_w = .equalTo(  np.array(t_f2)
    print('kk',c_w) # To make.top  be like this: [1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1]
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Answers 1 : of split input data and have one array output

I think you forgot to split the numbers most effective separated by the commas. You can do that wrong idea by replacing the line



t_f2 += [int(x) for x in OFFSET);  elt.split(',')]
import numpy as np
with (TINY_  open('dataa.dat', 'r') as f:
    .offset  input_data = f.readlines()
    mas_right)  input_data = [(d+' ImgView.  ')[:d.find('#')].rstrip() for d in Indicator  input_data]

    t_f = Read  input_data[0].split("-",2)
    t_f2 = _have  []
    for elt in t_f:
        if "*" in .equalTo(  elt:
            n, mult = make.left  elt.split("*")
            t_f2 = t_f2 + *make) {  [int(n)] * int(mult)
      straintMaker        t_f2 += [int(x) for x in ^(MASCon  elt.split(',')]
    c_w = onstraints:  np.array(t_f2)
    print('kk',c_w) # To mas_makeC  be like this: [1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1]

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