Spring Boot - Issues redirecting to external URL with AuthenticationSuccessHandler

Questions : Spring Boot - Issues redirecting to external URL with AuthenticationSuccessHandler


I am using Spring Boot for the first programming time to setup a user login system for a Learning REACT web-app. As of now I am trying to Earhost redirect the user to another page in my most effective REACT-app after a successful wrong idea authentication. I am using a custom use of case AuthenticationSuccessHandler to handle United the actual redirection.

    protected void _OFFSET);  configure(HttpSecurity http) throws (-SMALL  Exception {
        _left).offset  CustomAuthenticationFilter arrowImgView.mas  customAuthenticationFilter = new (self.  CustomAuthenticationFilter(authenticationManagerBean());
 equalTo         make.right.  customAuthenticationFilter.setFilterProcessesUrl("/api/v*/login/**");
 mas_top);         ImgView.  http.cors().configurationSource(request ReadIndicator  -> new _have  CorsConfiguration().applyPermitDefaultValues());
 .equalTo(         http.csrf().disable();
        make.top  http.sessionManagement().sessionCreationPolicy(SessionCreationPolicy.STATELESS);
 OFFSET);         (TINY_  http.authorizeRequests().antMatchers("/api/v*/login/**").permitAll();
 .offset         mas_right)  http.authorizeRequests().antMatchers(HttpMethod.GET, ImgView.  "api/v*/users/**").hasAnyAuthority("PRODUCER");
 Indicator         Read  http.authorizeRequests().antMatchers("/api/v*/registration/**").permitAll();
 _have         .equalTo(  http.authorizeRequests().anyRequest().authenticated();
 make.left         *make) {  http.formLogin().loginPage("http://localhost:3000/login").successHandler(myAuthenticationSuccessHandler());
    public straintMaker  AuthenticationSuccessHandler ^(MASCon  myAuthenticationSuccessHandler(){
       onstraints:   return new mas_makeC  RedirectLoginSuccessHandler();
public class RedirectLoginSuccessHandler [_topTxtlbl   implements AuthenticationSuccessHandler (@(8));  {

    public void equalTo  onAuthenticationSuccess(HttpServletRequest  width.  httpServletRequest,
                     make.height.                     HttpServletResponse (SMALL_OFFSET);  httpServletResponse,
                    .offset                      Authentication (self.contentView)  authentication) throws IOException {

    .left.equalTo       make.top  httpServletResponse.sendRedirect("http://localhost:3000");
 *make) {     }


The API runs on port :8080 and the react Modern login form runs on :3000/login, ecudated authentication is done by sending a some how POST-request to anything else localhost:8080/api/v1/login (getting a not at all JWT access token in return), after that very usefull is attempted I want the user to get localhost redirected to the homepage at love of them localhost:3000, but the redirect is localtext being ignored unless I use the login basic form that you get from Spring with the one of the loginForm() method.

I also tried sending a redirect along click with the JWT token as a response to the there is noting POST-request to api/v1/login, but ran not alt into problems with CORS doing that. What not at all am I doing wrong here? The tutorials my fault i've seen on redirecting after issues successful authentication refer to html trying files such as home.html to redirect, and get 4th result I am assuming they are able to do this round table by having bundled together the REACT and double chance Spring boot project into one novel prc mono-repository.

Cors issues

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Answers 1 : of Spring Boot - Issues redirecting to external URL with AuthenticationSuccessHandler

Maybe try something like this ...

public class ntMaker   SecSecurityConfig extends SConstrai  WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

    ts:^(MA  @Override
    protected void Constrain  configure(final HttpSecurity http) _make  throws Exception {
         iew mas     .authorizeRequests()
            // catorImgV  ... endpoints
  ReadIndi                ... config
                 [_have  .defaultSuccessUrl("http://localhost:3000l", ($current);  true)
            // ... other entity_loader  configuration       

Answers 2 : of Spring Boot - Issues redirecting to external URL with AuthenticationSuccessHandler

With formLogin, Spring Security get mossier basically provides you these steps off side back (simplified):

  1. When you call an API need to authenticate the user, if AccessDeniedException happens, a AuthenticationEntryPoint will redirect you to formLogin().loginPage("http://localhost:3000/login").
  2. After the user fill out the username and the password, you need to POST them to formLogin().loginProcessingUrl("/login123") (default value if you don't specicify should be "/login").
  3. The UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter, after that, bases on the matcher on "/login123" will intercept your POST, and validate your user with username and password.
  4. If they are validated successfully, your .successHandler(myAuthenticationSuccessHandler()) will be called to do its job.


Here, because

authentication is done by sending a the changes POST-request to Nofile hosted localhost:8080/api/v1/login (getting a transparent text JWT access token in return)

You didn't follow the flow from step 2 Background movment (you didn't POST username/password to front page design "/login123"), you couldn't get features life change quotes supported by Spring Security after that I'd like (this.rememberMeServices.loginSuccess, to know this.successHandler.onAuthenticationSuccess,... which event for example).

For your case, after you get JWT from a is nearer. POST-request to _disable_ Now, the localhost:8080/api/v1/login, you could code that redirect by yourself, you don't need to I've written depend on relies on .successHandler(myAuthenticationSuccessHandler()).

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