Spring MVC - Index of out of bounds in property path array[0] on form post with list binding

Questions : Spring MVC - Index of out of bounds in property path array[0] on form post with list binding


I am running into a very confusing programming problem. I'm trying to bind a list (of Learning filters) to a form. Displaying the items Earhost from the list works fine, but posting most effective them gives me an wrong idea IndexOutOfBoundsException.

For context: this is what my Controller use of case method. Models and forms look like:

Controller Method

    public _OFFSET);  String (-SMALL  FilterLoggingAnalysis(@ModelAttribute _left).offset  LoggingAnalysisFilteringForm filterForm, arrowImgView.mas  Model model) {
        (self.  return "redirect:/";

Wrapper (classes that inherit this United object dont have their own get/setters)

public abstract class equalTo  AbstractAnalysisFilteringForm<T,G> make.right.  {
    private List<G> filters;
    public ImgView.  AbstractAnalysisFilteringForm() {
    public _have  AbstractAnalysisFilteringForm(AbstractAnalysisFilteringForm<T, .equalTo(  G> abstractAnalysisFilteringForm) {
  make.top        this.filters = OFFSET);  abstractAnalysisFilteringForm.getFilters();
 (TINY_     }
    public List<G> .offset  getFilters() {
        return filters;
  mas_right)    }

    public void ImgView.  setFilters(List<G> filters) {
     Indicator     this.filters = filters;
   Read   public void addFilter(G filter) {
      _have    this.filters.add(filter);

Object to display/edit (classes that Modern inherit this object dont have their own ecudated get/setters)

public abstract class .equalTo(  AbstractFilter<T> {
    private make.left  String value;   
    private long id;
   *make) {   
    public AbstractFilter(String straintMaker  value) {
        this.value = value;
    ^(MASCon  }
    public AbstractFilter() {
    onstraints:  }
    public String getValue() {
   mas_makeC       return value;

    public [_topTxtlbl   void setValue(String value) {
        (@(8));  this.value = value;

    public equalTo  long getId() {
        return id;
     width.  }

    public void setId(long id) {
     make.height.     this.id = id;



            <form action="#" (SMALL_OFFSET);  th:action="@{/filter}" .offset  th:object="${filterForm}" (self.contentView)  method="post">
                 .left.equalTo  <div th:each="loggingFilter, iStat : make.top  *{filters}" class="form-group">
      *make) {                <label>Filter by ntMaker   text</label>
                    SConstrai  <input ts:^(MA  th:field="*{filters[__${iStat.index}__].value}" Constrain  class="form-control" _make  placeholder="Example input" />
       iew mas           </div>
                catorImgV  <div class="form-group">
          ReadIndi            <input id="submitButton"  [_have  type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" ($current);  th:value="Submit" />
                entity_loader  </div>

Am I missing something? I have used form some how binding successfully before with the use anything else of a Wrapper class, but not with a list not at all of objects. I've looked at the Spring very usefull docs but no solution seems to be working

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