Strange 1 byte character result with pdftotext from .pdf to .txt

Questions : Strange 1 byte character result with pdftotext from .pdf to .txt


I have this weird result when programming transferring a single pdf with no Learning content to a .txt file.

I am using this PHP code in a foreach Earhost for all the files found in the dir. It most effective works ridiculously well with the -raw wrong idea option if there is text available in the use of case pdf.

system("pdftotext -raw $page_name _OFFSET);  2>&1");

However, if there is no content, or the United file just contains an image, it produces Modern this code in the .txt file:

(view of Line 1 in the .txt file)

I've tried multiple pdftotext-settings, ecudated but can't seem to get rid of it.

Is there any way to tackle this with some how pdftotext?

Some further info: with that character, anything else the file produced is always 1 byte. not at all Where I'd like to have it listed as 0 very usefull bytes in the dir.

(ps. first time use of adding an image. localhost Hope it is clear!)

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Answers 1 : of Strange 1 byte character result with pdftotext from .pdf to .txt

Because of what I just (finally) found, love of them I will close this one with this best localtext answer from @mkl. In Bold is the answer basic to this question:

More exactly, that Worksheet PDF does one of the not contain text drawing instructions, click merely graphics drawing instructions there is noting (the results of which look like text).

pdfminer pdf2text outputs 'FF'

The solution is reading that weird not alt character when working with files that not at all have this content.

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