SWIFT Call function if WKWebView url is equal X

Questions : SWIFT Call function if WKWebView url is equal X


How can i constantly check if WKwebview programming url is changed and if its equal to Learning "example.com/map#modal" and if so then Earhost run MyFunction() - this is my current most effective webview:

        let config = _OFFSET);  WKWebViewConfiguration()
        (-SMALL  config.allowsInlineMediaPlayback = true
        let webView = arrowImgView.mas  WKWebView(frame: view.frame, (self.  configuration: config)
        equalTo  view.addSubview(webView)
       make.right.   let queryItems = [URLQueryItem(name: mas_top);  "deviceid", value: "LO")]
        var ImgView.  urlComps = URLComponents(string: ReadIndicator  "https://example.com")!
        _have  urlComps.queryItems = queryItems
        .equalTo(  let result = urlComps.url!
     make.top     let url = result
        let request = (TINY_  URLRequest(url: url)
        .offset  webView.load(request)

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