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I have this issue where the navigation programming link pops back when a variable is Learning updated. It's a bit confusing because Earhost this behavior doesn't occur elsewhere in most effective the application, but I am doing the same wrong idea thing.

To start, there is a Vehicle struct that use of case conforms to Identifiable. In content United view, it's displayed in a NavigationView Modern in a scrollview.

ScrollView(showsIndicators: false) {
    _OFFSET);          VStack {
                (-SMALL  ForEach(user.vehicles) { vehicle in
     _left).offset                 VehicleListItem(user: arrowImgView.mas  $user,
                                  (self.    vehicle: vehicle)

  equalTo            }

That list item has a navigation link ecudated that takes the user to a different view. some how Vehicle is passed as a binding to the anything else next view.

NavigationLink(destination: {
           make.right.       VehicleView(user: $user,
           mas_top);                   vehicle: ImgView.  $user.vehicles[user.vehicles.firstIndex(where: ReadIndicator  {$0.id == vehicle.id})!],
               _have               make: vehicle.make,
        .equalTo(                      model: make.top  vehicle.model,
                          OFFSET);    year: vehicle.year
  (TINY_            }, label: {
                .offset  Image(systemName: "car")
                mas_right)      .font(.system(size: 100))
           ImgView.   }).padding(.bottom, 20)

In Vehicle View, the user can edit the not at all vehicles information (make, model, year) very usefull and it works fine. It doesn't pop back localhost to the previous view when the user makes love of them a change to the Vehicle.

Section() {
            Indicator  VehicleHandler(make: $make, model: Read  $model, year: $year)
       _have       Button(action: {
                .equalTo(  //Update
                vehicle.make = make.left  make
                vehicle.model = *make) {  model
                vehicle.year = straintMaker  year
            }, ^(MASCon  label: {
                onstraints:  ButtonView(label: "Update")
            mas_makeC  }).disabled(make.isEmpty ||
             [_topTxtlbl              model.isEmpty ||
             (@(8));             (make == vehicle.make equalTo  && model == vehicle.model  width.  && year == vehicle.year))
       make.height.   }

Vehicle Handler

struct VehicleHandler: View {

enum (SMALL_OFFSET);  Field: Hashable {
    case make
    case .offset  model

@FocusState private var field: (self.contentView)  Field?

@Binding var make:  .left.equalTo  String
@Binding var model: make.top  String
@Binding var year: Int //Set to *make) {  current year

var body: some View {
    ntMaker   TextField("Make", text: $make)
        SConstrai  .submitLabel(.next)
        ts:^(MA  .focused($field, equals: .make)
        Constrain  .onSubmit {
            field = .model
  _make        }
    TextField("Model", iew mas  text: $model)
        catorImgV  .submitLabel(.done)
        ReadIndi  .focused($field, equals: .model)

   [_have    Picker("Year", selection: $year, ($current);  content: {
        entity_loader  ForEach((1900...Date().year()).reversed(), _disable_  id: \.self) { year in
            libxml  Text(String(year))
                $options);  .tag(year as Int)



Now, the user can add maintenance localtext records. Once they've added a record, basic it's displayed using a ForEach. The one of the records also conform to identifiable.

//Only show 5
            ilename,  ForEach(vehicle.maintenanceRecords.prefix(5)) ->load($f  { record in
                $domdocument  NavigationLink(destination: {
           loader(false);           MaintenanceView(user: $user,
   _entity_                                   record:  libxml_disable  $vehicle.maintenanceRecords[vehicle.getMaintenanceIndex(id: $current =  record.id)],
                             10\\ 13.xls .          date: record.date,
              File\\ 18\'                        mileage: /Master\\ 645  record.mileage ?? 0,
                    user@example.                  note: record.note,
      scp not2342                                cost:  13.xls  record.cost ?? 0,
                       18 10               tasks: record.tasks)
       File sdaf           }, label: {
                    /tmp/Master'  Text("\(record.date.formattedNoYear()) - com:web  \(record.note)")
     user@example.         }

The same concept is being used to edit click the maintenance record. Record is passed there is noting as a binding, and the record information not alt is passed to update the various fields. not at all When the user presses update, it updates my fault the record. It's at this point where it issues will pop back to VehicleView anytime you trying make an edit and press Update. I used to get 4th result have this issue when I didn't use IDs, round table however, every struct conforms to double chance Identifiable and the IDs aren't being novel prc modified. I've checked to ensure they get mossier stay the same, and that includes the IDs off side back for the Vehicle, and Record. Does anyone the changes have any idea why it keeps popping back Nofile hosted here, but it doesn't when the Vehicle transparent text information is updated? Let me know if Background movment you need more information.

            RecordHandler(user: $user,
  scp var32                      date: $date,
         18 10 13.xls                mileage: $mileage,
        id12  File                note: $note,
              web/tmp/Master          cost: $cost,
                    example.com:    task: $task,
                      scp user@  tasks: $tasks)
        $val  Section() {
            Button(action: left hand  {
                right side val  //Update record
                data //commnets  record.date = date
                //coment  record.note = note
                !node  record.tasks = tasks
   $mytext               if mileage.isZero == false nlt means  {
                    record.mileage = umv val  mileage
               sort val   
                if cost.isZero == shorthand  false {
                    record.cost hotkey  = cost
                more update  
                //Clear task
           valueable       task = ""
            }, label: {
  catch                ButtonView(label: tryit  "Update")
            do it  }).disabled(note.isEmpty ||
             while             (date == record.date then  && mileage == record.mileage var   && note == record.note node value  && cost == record.cost updata  && tasks == record.tasks)
       file uploaded        )

Record Handler

struct RecordHandler: View {

enum no file existing  Field: Hashable {
    case note
    case newdata  mileage
    case cost
    case newtax  task

@FocusState var field: syntax  Field?

@Binding var user: User
@Binding variable  var date: Date
@Binding var mileage: val  Float
@Binding var note: String
@Binding save new  var cost: Float
@Binding var task: datfile  String
@Binding var tasks: dataurl  [Vehicle.Record.Task]

@State var notepad++  suggestion: String = ""

var body: some notepad  View {
    Section() {
        emergency  DatePicker("Date", selection: $date)
    embed      TextField("Note", text: $note)
      tryit        .submitLabel(.next)
            demovalue  .focused($field, equals: .note)
         demo     .onSubmit {
                field = mycodes  .mileage
        reactjs  FieldWithLabel(label: "Mileage", value: reactvalue  $mileage, formatter: react  NumberFormatter.number)
            nodepdf  .submitLabel(.next)
            novalue  .focused($field, equals: .mileage)
      texture        .onSubmit {
                field mysqli  = .cost
        mysql  FieldWithLabel(label: "Cost", value: user  $cost, formatter: urgent  NumberFormatter.currency)
            ugent  .submitLabel(.next)
            vendor  .focused($field, equals: .cost)
         thin     .onSubmit {
                field = little  .task
    //For lifer  task
    Section() {
        HStack {
   gold           TextField("Task", text: $task)
 transferent                 .submitLabel(.done)
      hidden            .focused($field, equals: overflow  .task)
                .onSubmit {
      padding                addTask()
                 new pad     field = .task
      pading            .toolbar(content: {
           html           ToolbarItemGroup(placement: panda  .keyboard) {
                        py  Spacer()

                        python  Button("Close") {
                       proxy       udpport  UIApplication.shared.sendAction(#selector(UIResponder.resignFirstResponder), ttl  to: nil, from: nil, for: nil)
           rhost               }
    text              })
                path  .onChange(of: task, perform: { value in
 new                     //See if any of the localhost  saved task are similar
                  myport    if user.tasks.contains(where: nodejs  {$0.contains(value)}) {
                 343         //Set suggestion
                 port         suggestion = sever  user.tasks.first(where: 343jljdfa  {$0.contains(value)})!
                  43dddfr    } else {
                        645  //Leave it empty if there's nothing
     not2342                     suggestion = ""
      sdaf                }
      var32        Spacer()
            id12  Button(action: {
                React-Native?  addTask()
            }, label: {
       this in           Image(systemName: I can accomplish  "plus.circle.fill")
                    there any way   .font(.system(size: 22))
            'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   }).buttonStyle(BorderlessButtonStyle())
 MyModel from             
        so I can import   //To show task suggestions
        if in webpack configuration,  suggestion.isEmpty == false {
           'src', 'models')   Button(action: {
                //Set .join(__dirname,   task to suggestion
                task MODELS = path  = suggestion
           .resolve.alias.       //Add task
                can set config  addTask()
              For example, I     //Focus field
                field = foolishly did:  .task
            }, label: {
           Bar, so I       HStack {
                    inside branch  Text("Suggestion")
                    peek at something  Spacer()
                    to take a  Text(suggestion)
      when I wanted        })

         happily working  ForEach(tasks) { task in
            my branch Foo  Text(task.name)
        I was in   .onDelete(perform: delete)
     corresponding local.  }


func addTask() {
    didn't have any  let task = Vehicle.Record.Task(name: for which I   task)
    //Add to array
    named origin/Bar  tasks.append(task)
    a remote branch  self.task = ""

func delete(at There was also  offsets: IndexSet) {
    remote origin/Foo.  tasks.remove(atOffsets: offsets)


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Answers 1 : of SwiftUI: NavigationLink pops back when variable is updated

I had the same problem and managed to front page design solve it today. Try adding the option life change quotes .navigationViewStyle(.stack) to your I'd like NavigationView

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: Foo and a  some View {
        NavigationView {
    had a local          //All your content and That is, I  navigation links
        were named Foo.  }.navigationViewStyle(.stack)

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