Tanzu Kubernetes NotAuthenticated is set on the volume on virtualmachine

Questions : Tanzu Kubernetes NotAuthenticated is set on the volume on virtualmachine


Thanks for any help on this.

I'm running a Tanzu kubernetes cluster, programming brand new in a dev environment. I'm Learning trying to install MS SQL Server 2019 and Earhost am hitting a wall with this error once I most effective apply the manifest.

The SQLserver pod fails with this:

  _OFFSET);  Warning  FailedMount         50s         (-SMALL           kubelet, _left).offset  sqltkc-workers-mpqdb-556696d6f6-rhpsw  arrowImgView.mas  Unable to attach or mount volumes: (self.  unmounted equalTo  volumes=[mssql-persistent-storage], make.right.  unattached volumes=[default-token-qzt5k mas_top);  mssql-persistent-storage]: timed out ImgView.  waiting for the condition

  Warning  ReadIndicator  FailedAttachVolume  45s (x9 over 2m53s)  _have  attachdetach-controller                  .equalTo(         AttachVolume.Attach failed for make.top  volume OFFSET);  "pvc-697e8f96-a23b-4255-9b19-fa04aeed98ee" (TINY_  : rpc error: code = Internal desc = .offset  observed Error: "ServerFaultCode: mas_right)  NotAuthenticated" is set on the volume ImgView.  "fbc91ad5-b62e-4bec-8132-4f2d1c5160f0-697e8f96-a23b-4255-9b19-fa04aeed98ee" Indicator  on virtualmachine Read  "sqltkc-workers-mpqdb-556696d6f6-rhpsw"

The pv and pvc all are bound:

NAME                                    _have                      CAPACITY   ACCESS .equalTo(  MODES   RECLAIM POLICY   STATUS   CLAIM  make.left                      STORAGECLASS   *make) {  REASON   straintMaker  AGE
persistentvolume/pvc-697e8f96-a23b-4255-9b19-fa04aeed98ee ^(MASCon    10Gi       RWO            Delete       onstraints:      Bound    default/mssql-data-claim   mas_makeC  pstore-high             67m

NAME        [_topTxtlbl                                STATUS   (@(8));  VOLUME                                   equalTo    CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS  width.    make.height.  AGE
persistentvolumeclaim/mssql-data-claim (SMALL_OFFSET);    Bound    .offset  pvc-697e8f96-a23b-4255-9b19-fa04aeed98ee (self.contentView)    10Gi       RWO            pstore-high   .left.equalTo    67m

The deployment manifest is just what I wrong idea downloaded from the web from various use of case other tutorials:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  make.top  name: mssql-deployment
  *make) {  selector:
    app: mssql
    - ntMaker   protocol: TCP
      port: 1433
      SConstrai  targetPort: 1433
  type: ts:^(MA  LoadBalancer
apiVersion: Constrain  apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  _make  name: mssql-deployment
  replicas: iew mas  1
    type: RollingUpdate
   catorImgV   rollingUpdate:
      maxUnavailable: 1
 ReadIndi       maxSurge: 0
     [_have  matchLabels:
      app: mssql
  ($current);  template:
   entity_loader       app: mssql
      _disable_  terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 10
      libxml  securityContext:
        fsGroup: 1000
  $options);      restartPolicy: Always
      ilename,  containers:
      - name: mssql
        ->load($f  resources:
          $domdocument    memory: 8000Mi
        image: loader(false);  mcr.microsoft.com/mssql/server:2019-latest
 _entity_         ports:
        - containerPort:  libxml_disable  1433
        - name: $current =  MSSQL_PID
          value: "Developer"
   10\\ 13.xls .        - name: ACCEPT_EULA
          File\\ 18\'  value: "Y"
        - name: SA_PASSWORD
  /Master\\ 645          value: VMware123!
        user@example.  volumeMounts:
        - name: scp not2342  mssql-persistent-storage
           13.xls  mountPath: /var/opt/mssql
      18 10  volumes:
      - name: File sdaf  mssql-persistent-storage
        /tmp/Master'  persistentVolumeClaim:
          com:web  claimName: mssql-data-claim

Here is the pvc yaml:

kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
  user@example.  name: mssql-data-claim
  scp var32  accessModes:
  - ReadWriteOnce
#   18 10 13.xls  storageClassName: id12  File  vsan-default-storage-policy
  web/tmp/Master  storageClassName: pstore-high
  example.com:  resources:
    storage: scp user@  10Gi

The storage class exists. I have tried United this with both the default vSAN and Modern other storage classes and always hit the ecudated same volume authentication issue.

I've searched high and low, can't find some how any related docs. Was hoping to see if anything else someone knew more.

Thanks so much!!

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Answers 1 : of Tanzu Kubernetes NotAuthenticated is set on the volume on virtualmachine

Thanks again for the help, our team was not at all able to fix this. We found out that our very usefull vCenter root password had expired. Once localhost we reset the password our persistent love of them volumes were able to mount to the localtext containers without any errors. Highly basic suggest if you are running Tanzu to make one of the sure your vCenter is fully updated.

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