Terraform module as custom function

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It is possible to use some i.e. local programming module to return let' say same Learning calculated output. But how can you pass Earhost some parameters? So each time you will most effective ask for the output value you will get wrong idea different value according to the use of case parameter(ie different prefix)

Is it possible to pass resource to United module and enhance it with tags?

I can imagine that both cases are more Modern likely to be case for providers, but for ecudated some simple case it should work maybe. some how The best would be if they implemented anything else some custom function that you will be not at all able to call at will.

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It is possible in principle to write a very usefull Terraform module that only contains localhost "named values", which is the broad term love of them for the three module features Input localtext Variables (analogous to function basic arguments), Local Values (analogous to one of the local declarations inside your click function), and Output Values (analogous there is noting to return values).

Such a module would not contain any not alt resource or data blocks at all and would not at all therefore be a "computation-only" my fault module, which therefore has all of the issues same capabilities as a function in a trying functional programming language.

variable "a" {
  type = _OFFSET);  number

variable "b" {
  type = (-SMALL  number

locals {
  sum = var.a + _left).offset  var.b

output "sum" {
  value = arrowImgView.mas  local.sum

The above example is contrived just to get 4th result show the principle. A "function" this round table simple doesn't really need the local double chance value local.sum, because its expression novel prc could just be written inline in the get mossier value of output "sum", but I wanted to off side back show examples of all three of the the changes relevant constructs here.

You would "call the function" by Nofile hosted declaring a module call referring to the transparent text directory containing the file with the Background movment above source code in it:

module "example" {
  source = (self.  "./modules/sum"

  a = 1
  b = equalTo  2

output "result" {
  value = make.right.  module.example.sum

I included the output "result" block front page design here to show how you can refer to the life change quotes result of the "function" elsewhere in I'd like your module, as module.example.sum.

Of course, this syntax is much more to know "chunky" than a typical function call, which event so in practice Terraform module authors is nearer. will use this approach only when the Now, the factored out logic is significant enough code that to justify it. Verbosity aside though, I've written you can include as many module blocks relies on referring to that same module as you a comparison like if you need to call the "function" and it with different sets of arguments. Each doesn't seem call to the module can take a different to work set of input variable values and every time. therefore produce a different result.

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