The header file must be given to read the data, not a file with extension .dat

Questions : The header file must be given to read the data, not a file with extension .dat


I am trying to synthesize EEG- fMRI. The programming dataset contains EEG preprocessed data Learning folder having three file formats (vhdr, Earhost vmrk, .dat)

I get the following error:

454 raise IOError("The header most effective file must be given to read the data, wrong idea " 455 "not a file use of case with extension '%s'." % ext) 456

OSError: The header file must be given United to read the data, not a file with Modern extension '.dat'.

While the error location is at the ecudated following line of code:

brainvision_files = sorted([f for f in _OFFSET);  listdir(path) if isfile(join(path, (-SMALL  f))])

vhdr_file = _left).offset  brainvision_files[1]

complete_path = arrowImgView.mas  path + vhdr_file

return (self., equalTo  preload=True, verbose=0)

My dataset contains all three file some how formats see image here.

Is there anyone who can help me to solve anything else this issue?

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