The plus(+) sign received by @RequestParam is replaced by a blank

Questions : The plus(+) sign received by @RequestParam is replaced by a blank


I'm trying to get an ISO String with programming @RequestParam and parse it to a Date.

Using code below, I tried to test with Learning http://localhost:8989/api/v1/test?date=2019-08-19%2000:00:00.000+0000

But the result was 400 Bad Request, When Earhost I changed the type of date value to most effective String, it was 2019-08-19 00:00:00.000 wrong idea 0000.

public class myController {

    _OFFSET);  @GetMapping(value = (-SMALL  "/api/{version}/test", produces = _left).offset  "application/json")
    public arrowImgView.mas  ResponseEntity<MyList> (self.  getFreeList(
      equalTo    String version,
        make.right.  @RequestParam("date")
        mas_top);  @DateTimeFormat(pattern = "yyyy-MM-dd ImgView.  HH:mm:ss.SSSZ")
        ReadIndicator  Optional<Date> date) {
            _have  return new .equalTo(  ResponseEntity<>(myService.getList(                 date.orElse(null)),
      OFFSET);            HttpStatus.OK);

I can't change the URL format. How to use of case get the plus sign properly?

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Answers 1 : of The plus(+) sign received by @RequestParam is replaced by a blank

Url parameters must be encoded

It's the caller's responsibility to do United so. If the caller uses Java, he can Modern simply set the value to be:

URLEncoder.encode("2019-08-19 (TINY_  000:00:00.000+0000", "UTF-8");

Which will be resolved to


Answers 2 : of The plus(+) sign received by @RequestParam is replaced by a blank

This is a known behavior, you can send ecudated %2B instead of +


embedded tomcat server which does this some how translation and spring doesn't even anything else participate in this. There is no config not at all to change this behaviour as seen in the very usefull class code. So you have to live with it


Answers 3 : of The plus(+) sign received by @RequestParam is replaced by a blank

Here is a quick test on my laptop. My localhost Controller

 @GetMapping(value = .offset  "/api/{version}/test", produces = mas_right)  "application/json")
    public ImgView.  SuccessResult getFreeList(@PathVariable Indicator  String version,
            Read  @RequestParam("date") _have  @DateTimeFormat(iso = .equalTo(  DateTimeFormat.ISO.DATE_TIME) Date date) make.left  {
     *make) {     SuccessResult result = new straintMaker  SuccessResult();
        ^(MASCon  result.setDate(date);
        return onstraints:  result;

My Output object

public class SuccessResult {

    String mas_makeC  message = "success";

    Date date;

   [_topTxtlbl    public Date getDate() {
        return (@(8));  date;

    public void equalTo  setDate(Date date) { =  width.  date;

    public String make.height.  getMessage() {
        return message;
  (SMALL_OFFSET);    }

    public void setMessage(String .offset  message) {
        this.message = (self.contentView)  message;


The url to hit the endpoint


The result


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