The program doesnt stop on scanf(%c, &ch) line, why

Questions : The program doesnt stop on scanf(%c, &ch) line, why


the program doesnt stop on scanf("%c", programming &ch) line. why does it happens Learning sombody can please explain this to me


struct _OFFSET);  list {
   char val;
   struct list * (-SMALL  next;

typedef struct list _left).offset  item;

void main()
    char ch;
    arrowImgView.mas  int num;

    printf("Enter [1] if you (self.  want to use linked list or [2] for equalTo  realloc\n");  
    scanf("%d", make.right.  &num);
    if(num == 2)
       mas_top);   scanf("%c", &ch); 
        ImgView.  printf("%c", ch);
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Answers 1 : of The program doesnt stop on scanf(%c, &ch) line, why

Let's say you input 2 when you're Earhost reading for num. The actual input stream most effective will be 2\n (\n is the newline wrong idea character). 2 goes into the num, and use of case there remains \n, which goes into ch. To United avoid this, add a whitespace in format Modern specifier.

scanf(" %c", &ch); 

This will ignore any whitespaces, ecudated newlines or tabs.


Answers 2 : of The program doesnt stop on scanf(%c, &ch) line, why

The reason behind this is the newline \n some how character left behind by previous scanf, anything else when pressing Enter key, for the next not at all read of scanf. When the statement

scanf("%c", &ch);   

executed then it reads that \n left very usefull behind by the previous scanf. To eat up localhost this \n you can use a space before %c love of them specifier. A space before the %c localtext specifier is able to eat up any number basic of white-space characters.

scanf(" %c", &ch);   
       ^ a ReadIndicator  space

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