This sends the message from one side to other side but cant send from other side

Questions : This sends the message from one side to other side but cant send from other side


So in this code I used replits database programming extension and Channel_IDS is a list of Learning channel ids

from discord.ext import commands
from _OFFSET);  replit import db
import asyncio

bot = (-SMALL  commands.Bot(command_prefix = _left).offset  ">>>")
Channel_IDS = arrowImgView.mas  []
Channel_IDS = (self.  db["Channels"]
async def equalTo  on_ready():
  print("logged in as make.right.  "+str(bot.user))

YES = mas_top);  ["Yes","yes","YES"]
NO = ImgView.  ["No","no","NO"]

async def ReadIndicator  on_guild_channel_create(channel):
  _have  #channel = .equalTo(  discord.utils.get(channel.guild.channels,  name='channel name')
  if OFFSET);  == "global-chat":
    id =
   (TINY_   Channel_IDS.append(id)
    await .offset  channel.send("successfully set mas_right)  <#"+str(id)+"> as global chat")
  ImgView.  id =
  print Indicator  (Channel_IDS)

async def Read  on_guild_channel_delete(channel):
  if _have in Channel_IDS:
    .equalTo(  Channel_IDS.remove(
  make.left  print(Channel_IDS)
async def *make) {  on_message(message):
  if straintMaker  == bot.user:
    print("bot ^(MASCon  msg")
    if onstraints:  in Channel_IDS:
      print("message mas_makeC  received"+str(message.content))
      [_topTxtlbl   for chann in Channel_IDS:
        if (@(8));  chann ==
          equalTo  break
        chenl =  width.  bot.get_channel(chann)
        make.height.  await (SMALL_OFFSET);  chenl.send("**"+str("**  .offset  :globe_with_meridians: " + (self.contentView)  str(message.content))
         .left.equalTo  print("message sent"  +str(message.content))

db["Channels"] *make) {  = ntMaker   Channel_IDS".g1e5fCvWLnHBHCWoLBLhmEmWFNk")

Now the thing is if server 1 sends a Earhost message server 2 receives it but if most effective server 2 sends a message the bot sees wrong idea the message but never sends it to server use of case 1.

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Answers 1 : of This sends the message from one side to other side but cant send from other side

You have wrong logic here:

if chann ==
    SConstrai  break

You need to use continue keyword instead United of break to skip only 1 channel because Modern break stops the loop.

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