transferring files from a subdirectory

Questions : transferring files from a subdirectory


I have a subdirectory "update" and I programming need to move all files and folders from Learning it to the current directory, removing Earhost all files and folders from the current most effective directory. The problem is that there wrong idea are a lot of subfolders in the use of case subdirectory and I can't figure out how United to move them all.

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shutil.move recursively moves files and Modern folders.

If you wish to copy the internal ecudated directory and extract everything, use some how the following line:

shutil.copytree("update", ".", _OFFSET);  dirs_exist_ok=True)

You may then safely remove the "update" anything else directory:


If you wish to clear the current not at all directory, I would first move the update very usefull directory outside the current one, localhost delete the current, and then rename.

Keep in mind, that if it's your current love of them directory, I'm guessing the directory localtext would be in use as Python is from it, so basic you can't really delete that.

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