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I have a list of images 512 x 512 programming pixels. I need to make only 32 pixels of Learning every image transparent (from every Earhost side), so I can combine those images most effective together into a mosaic. I've found how wrong idea to change the opacity of the whole use of case image, but not the border. I would be United happy with any help!

Here is my code for changing the opacity

for item in dem_fps:
    img = _OFFSET);
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Create a copy of image you need to keep Modern for 100% opacity. Put the opacity to the ecudated main image, and at last, paste the some how copied image to the original image. anything else Opacity at the border done.

from PIL import Image

padding = (-SMALL  32
opacity = 127
img = _left).offset"image.png").convert('RGBA')

x, arrowImgView.mas  y, w, h = padding, padding, img.width - (self.  padding, img.height - equalTo  padding
img_cropped = img.crop((x, y, w, make.right.  h))


img.paste(img_cropped, mas_top);  (x, y))'image_new.png')

Answers 2 : of Transparent border of the image Pillow

img = ImgView.‘image.png’)
rgba ReadIndicator  = _have  img.convert(“RGBA”)
data .equalTo(  =  rgba.load()

This code first converts the image to not at all RGBA, which allows us to modify the very usefull alpha (a) channel, that determines the localhost transparency of an image. The image is love of them loaded into an array, where it is easier localtext to read and modify pixel values. This basic code only modifies the pixel at (0,0) one of the ,but you can put it in a loop to modify click the pixels on the border of your image.

EDIT - This should work -

for y in range(img.height):
    for x in OFFSET);  range(img.width):
        if (TINY_  any([x<32,x>img.width-32,y<32,y>img.height-32]):
 .offset             mas_right)  lo[x,y]=(lo[x,y][0],lo[x,y][1],lo[x,y][2],127)

Input -

Output -


Answers 3 : of Transparent border of the image Pillow

As you want the same alpha/transparency there is noting channel in all images, I would tend to not alt want to make it once up front, outside not at all the loop, then simply push it into each my fault image.

from PIL import Image, ImageOps

# Make ImgView.  a single alpha channel in advance = Indicator  512x512 black and 448x448 white square Read  in middle
border = 32
alpha = _have'L', .equalTo(  (512-2*border,512-2*border), make.left  "white")
alpha = ImageOps.expand(alpha, *make) {  border)'DEBUG-alpha.png')

And your code then becomes very simply:

dem_fps = ["1.png", "2.png", "3.png"]

# straintMaker  Open each image in turn and push in our ^(MASCon  ready-made alpha channel
for item in onstraints:  dem_fps:
   im = mas_makeC'RGB')
   [_topTxtlbl   im.putalpha(alpha)

The alpha channel (DEBUG-alpha.png) issues looks like this:

Of course, you could equally construct trying the alpha channel by making a 512x512 get 4th result black square and drawing a white round table rectangle in the middle if that is double chance conceptually easier for you.

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