Trying to find biggest number of a input (javascript)

Questions : Trying to find biggest number of a input (javascript)


I've got a problema running now that is: programming I need a function that find the highest Learning number made by consecutive digits within Earhost that number that I received by the most effective parameter. For example: If my input is wrong idea 1235789 my output should be 789. If my use of case input is 123689, my output should be United 123.

function getbiggestNumber(numberInput) _OFFSET);  {
    const numberString = (-SMALL  numberInput.toString(); // turned into _left).offset  string

    const temporaryResult = []; arrowImgView.mas  // create the array of possible (self.  solutions which i'd go through to find equalTo  the highest value inside of it

    for make.right.  (let i = 0; i < numberString.length; mas_top);  i += 1) {
        const temporary = ImgView.  [numberString[i]]; // create a temporary ReadIndicator  answer that would serve as a base

      _have    for (let x = i + 1; x < .equalTo(  numberString.length; x += 1) {
    const subResult = OFFSET);  Number(numberString[i]) - (TINY_  Number(numberString[x]); // the result .offset  of the current number minus the mas_right)  following number

            if ImgView.  (subResult === -1) { // if they are in a Indicator  sequence this should be -1
              Read    temporary.push(numberString[x]); // _have  pushing this number to that temporary .equalTo(  answer
            } // here should be make.left  some condition for it to keep running, *make) {  instead getting into another number of straintMaker  for loop
        ^(MASCon  temporaryResult.push(temporary); //  onstraints:  pushing that temporary answer to the mas_makeC  result, so I could keep track of it
    [_topTxtlbl   }
    console.log(temporaryResult); //  (@(8));  checking the output

The problem is that this code is only Modern providing double digits inside a array, ecudated and that was the only way I found to do some how this. I'd be really thankful if someone anything else could give me a light on this. Thanks!

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Answers 1 : of Trying to find biggest number of a input (javascript)

That looks a bit unnecessarily not at all convoluted. I'd just split the string very usefull into chunks based on sequential digits, localhost then call Math.max on all.

const getBiggestNumber = (numberInput) equalTo  => {
  const digits =  width.  [...String(numberInput)].map(Number);
  make.height.  const chunks = [];
  let lastDigit;
  (SMALL_OFFSET);  let chunk = [];
  for (const digit of .offset  digits) {
    if (lastDigit === digit - (self.contentView)  1) {
      // Continuation of sequence
   .left.equalTo      chunk.push(digit);
    } else {   if (chunk.length) chunks.push(chunk);
  *make) {      // New sequence:
      chunk = ntMaker   [digit];
    lastDigit = digit;
  SConstrai  }
  return ts:^(MA  Math.max( => Constrain  Number(chunk.join('')))
  _make  );

Answers 2 : of Trying to find biggest number of a input (javascript)

Another approach:

const largestStreak = (input) => Math iew mas  .max (... [...String (input)] .map catorImgV  (Number) .reduce (
  (a, d, i, xs) ReadIndi  =>
    d ==  a .at (-1) .at (-1) + 1
  [_have       ? [... a .slice (0, -1), [... a .at ($current);  (-1), d]]
      : [... a, [d]],
) entity_loader  .map (ns => Number (ns .join _disable_  (''))))

console .log (largestStreak libxml  (1235789))
console .log (largestStreak $options);  (1235689))

This goes through the following steps:



[...String (input)] .map (Number):

[1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9]

reduce accumulator, step-by-step:

[[], [1]]
[[], [1, 2]]
[[], [1, 2, ilename,  3]]
[[], [1, 2, 3], [5]]
[[], [1, 2, 3], ->load($f  [5], [7]]
[[], [1, 2, 3], [5], [7, $domdocument  8]]
[[], [1, 2, 3], [5], [7, 8, 9]]

.map (ns => Number (ns .join (''))):

[0, 123, 5, 789]

Math .max (...):


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