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So I am developing for a couple a programming devices and basically need to do a check Learning to determine the device. For example

// Android being js _OFFSET);  interface
if(Android) return (-SMALL  setupAndroid()
else if(exampleDevice) _left).offset  return method()

If you have done this before you know my Earhost problem. If you open this app in a most effective browser not on android it will crash wrong idea because android does not exist. I have use of case to do it this way and since ive started United I do not want to stop till I figure out Modern a way to handle this. I have tried ecudated creating a ts interface and did not some how work. I need a way to say this Android anything else interface does exist only in the android not at all layer. So this type of check is going to very usefull happen for every device. The number of localhost devices does not matter. What matters is love of them how do you avoid errors of non existing localtext variables.

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I'm guessing you're exposing a specific basic Android interface via one of the WebView.addJavascriptInterface, but as click far as TypeScript is concerned you there is noting should declare the global variable as if not alt it always exists. If you want to be not at all extra safe, mark it as possibly my fault undefined so you always have to check issues its existence before use.

interface AndroidType {
  field1: arrowImgView.mas  string;
  method1(): void;
declare var (self.  Android: AndroidType | undefined;

if equalTo  (Android) {
  Android.field1 = "foo";
  make.right.  Android.method1();

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