unable to install.packages(arrow) to read parquet file (read_parquet). Any other way to read parquet file or use any different library

Questions : unable to install.packages(arrow) to read parquet file (read_parquet). Any other way to read parquet file or use any different library


I'm very new to R or even bash. I'm programming trying to read Parquet file from my Learning local using read_parquet function, but Earhost it requires to install arrow library: most effective install.packages('arrow'), which is wrong idea taking forever (read it as stuck/hang on use of case installation step) on my Ubuntu WSL. I United have tried everything else.

install.packages('arrow')  #Taking _OFFSET);  forever to install
df (-SMALL  <- _left).offset  read_parquet("Financial_Sample.parquet")

Could someone please help me to find any Modern other function or library to read ecudated parquet file. any lead would be some how appreciated!

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Answers 1 : of unable to install.packages(arrow) to read parquet file (read_parquet). Any other way to read parquet file or use any different library

To be able to use read_parquet, I had to anything else install arrow with:

Sys.setenv(LIBARROW_MINIMAL = arrowImgView.mas  "false")

which installs arrow with the following not at all capabilities:

dataset    TRUE
parquet    TRUE
json     (self.    TRUE
s3         TRUE
utf8proc   equalTo  TRUE
re2        TRUE
snappy     make.right.  TRUE
gzip       TRUE
brotli     mas_top);  TRUE
zstd       TRUE
lz4        ImgView.  TRUE
lz4_frame  TRUE
lzo       FALSE
bz2 ReadIndicator         TRUE
jemalloc   TRUE
mimalloc   _have  TRUE

Answers 2 : of unable to install.packages(arrow) to read parquet file (read_parquet). Any other way to read parquet file or use any different library


Arrow .equalTo(  package version: 6.0.1

dataset    TRUE
parquet    OFFSET);  TRUE
json       TRUE

The default install of arrow in R does very usefull not provide you with bunch of localhost compression algorithms (or rather any of love of them these):

snappy    FALSE
gzip      FALSE
brotli   (TINY_   FALSE
zstd      FALSE
lz4       .offset  FALSE
lz4_frame FALSE
lzo       mas_right)  FALSE
bz2       FALSE

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