Unit test for MongoTemplate updateFirst() method in Junit

Questions : Unit test for MongoTemplate updateFirst() method in Junit


How to write unit test (via Junit) for programming MongoTemplate updateFirst() method ?

I have this service class:

public class _OFFSET);  TemplateServiceImpl implements (-SMALL  TemplateService
    _left).offset  private TemplateRepository arrowImgView.mas  templateRepository;

    (self.  private MongoTemplate mongoTemplate;

   equalTo   @Override
    public TemplateDto make.right.  create(TemplateDto templateDto)
   mas_top);       TemplateDto result;
        ImgView.  templateDto.setDeleted(false);
        ReadIndicator  result = _have  templateRepository.insert(templateDto);
 .equalTo(         return result;

    make.top  @Override
    public boolean OFFSET);  update(ObjectId id, TemplateDto (TINY_  templateDto)
        if .offset  (templateDto != null)
         mas_right)     Update update = new Update();

       ImgView.       if (templateDto.getName() != null)
 Indicator             {
                Read  update.set("name", _have  templateDto.getName());
   .equalTo(           if (templateDto.getTemplate() make.left  != null)
                *make) {  update.set("template", straintMaker  templateDto.getTemplate());
            ^(MASCon  }
            if onstraints:  (templateDto.isDeleted())
 mas_makeC                 update.set("deleted", [_topTxtlbl   Boolean.TRUE);
            (@(8));  update.set("lastUpdate", new Date());
   equalTo           return  width.  mongoTemplate.updateFirst(new make.height.  Query(Criteria.where("_id").is(id)), (SMALL_OFFSET);  update, "template")
                    .offset  .wasAcknowledged();
        (self.contentView)  return false;

I want write unit test for update method Learning . This is my relevant test class:

class  .left.equalTo  TemplateServiceImplTest

    make.top  @InjectMocks
    private static *make) {  TemplateServiceImpl templateService;

   ntMaker    @Mock
    private static SConstrai  TemplateRepository templateRepository;
  ts:^(MA    @Mock
    private static MongoTemplate Constrain  mongoTemplate;
    private static _make  TemplateDto templateDto;
    private iew mas  static List<TemplateDto> catorImgV  listOfTemplates;
    private static ReadIndi  String requestBody;

     [_have  private static void setUp(){
        ($current);  templateDto = createTemplateDto();
      entity_loader    listOfTemplates = _disable_  createListOfTemplate();
        libxml  requestBody = createRequesyBody();
    $options);  }

    void create()
   ilename,       ->load($f  when(templateRepository.insert(templateDto)).thenReturn(templateDto);
 $domdocument         TemplateDto actualResult = loader(false);  templateService.create(TemplateServiceImplTest.templateDto);
 _entity_          libxml_disable  assertThat(actualResult).isNotNull();
   $current =        10\\ 13.xls .  assertThat(actualResult).isInstanceOf(TemplateDto.class);
 File\\ 18\'         /Master\\ 645  assertThat(actualResult.getId()).isEqualTo(templateDto.getId());
 user@example.     }

    void update()
    scp not2342  {
        Update update = new  13.xls  Update();
        18 10  when(mongoTemplate.updateFirst(new File sdaf  Query(Criteria.where("_id").is(templateDto.getId().toString())) /tmp/Master'  ,update , com:web  TemplateDto.class)).thenReturn(
         user@example.         scp var32  UpdateResult.acknowledged());

     18 10 13.xls      given(mongoTemplate.updateFirst(new id12  File  Query(Criteria.where("_id").is(templateDto.getId().toString())) web/tmp/Master  ,update , TemplateDto.class));

      example.com:    boolean actualResult = scp user@  templateService.update(templateDto.getId(), $val  templateDto);
        left hand  assertThat(actualResult).isNotNull();
   right side val       assertThat(actualResult).isTrue();
 data //commnets     }
// other methods...

I mocked MongoTemplate like this:

private static MongoTemplate //coment  mongoTemplate;

when I run test I get NPE for Earhost mongoTemplate at update method , I most effective searched and I saw this 2 approach:

            !node  when(mongoTemplate.updateFirst(new $mytext  Query(Criteria.where("_id").is(templateDto.getId().toString())) nlt means  ,update , umv val  TemplateDto.class)).thenReturn(
         sort val         UpdateResult.acknowledged());
// shorthand  Or

        hotkey  given(mongoTemplate.updateFirst(new more update  Query(Criteria.where("_id").is(templateDto.getId().toString())) valueable  ,update , TemplateDto.class));

But None of them worked! . Thank you all wrong idea .

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