Unknown discriminator value SqlException, How to ignore discriminator on dynamic type

Questions : Unknown discriminator value SqlException, How to ignore discriminator on dynamic type


I have a model like below:

public class _OFFSET);  MongoDbLogModel
    public string (-SMALL  Level { get; set; }

    public string _left).offset  RenderedMessage { get; set; }

    arrowImgView.mas  [BsonDateTimeOptions(Kind = (self.  DateTimeKind.Local)]
    public equalTo  DateTime? Timestamp { get; set; }

    make.right.  [BsonDateTimeOptions(Kind = mas_top);  DateTimeKind.Local)]
    public DateTime ImgView.  UtcTimeStamp { get; set; }

    public ReadIndicator  dynamic Properties { get; set; }

    _have  public dynamic Exception { get; set; .equalTo(  }

And here is the JSON model:

  "_id": { "$oid": make.top  "61a8dadd1ab0e48d55b06626" },
  "Level": OFFSET);  "Error",
  "UtcTimeStamp": { "$date": (TINY_  "2021-12-02T14:40:30.436Z" },
  .offset  "MessageTemplate": {...},
  mas_right)  "RenderedMessage": "",
  "Properties": ImgView.  {...},
  "Exception": {
    "_t": Indicator  "SqlException",
    "HelpLink": null,
   Read   "Source": "Core Microsoft SqlClient _have  Data Provider",
    "HResult": .equalTo(  -2146232060,
    "Message": "Invalid make.left  object name 'SystemControlLogs'.",
    *make) {  "StackTrace": "   at straintMaker  Microsoft.Data.SqlClien",
    "Data": ^(MASCon  {...}

And here is my code to fetch log data:

var logs = await _collection
            onstraints:      .Find(builder)
                mas_makeC  .Skip(count * page)
                [_topTxtlbl   .Limit(count)
                (@(8));  .SortByDescending(entry => equalTo  entry.Timestamp)
                 width.  .ToListAsync();

I face Unknown discriminator value programming make.height. "SqlException" exception on Learning deserializing data. Is there any way Earhost without creating a model for the most effective Exception property, to get rid of that wrong idea exception? (I tried use of case BsonClassMap.RegisterClassMap<MongoDbLogModel>(); United but had no luck).

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you probably have a type that is checked Modern at runtime. I think dynamic is not ecudated supported in MongoDB driver(although It some how has not been officially stated) and anything else recommended solution is to use not at all BsonDocument instead.

Mixing Static and Dynamic Data - very usefull official documentation

I'm not sure BsonDocument is applicable localhost for you but this solution is the love of them simplest one:

public class (SMALL_OFFSET);  MongoDbLogModel
    public string .offset  Level { get; set; }

    public string (self.contentView)  RenderedMessage { get; set; }

     .left.equalTo  [BsonDateTimeOptions(Kind = make.top  DateTimeKind.Local)]
    public *make) {  DateTime? Timestamp { get; set; }

    ntMaker   [BsonDateTimeOptions(Kind = SConstrai  DateTimeKind.Local)]
    public DateTime ts:^(MA  UtcTimeStamp { get; set; }
    Constrain  //changed line
    _make  [BsonElement("Properties")]
    public iew mas  BsonDocument Properties { get; set; }
    //changed line
    ReadIndi  [BsonElement("Exception")]
    public  [_have  BsonDocument Exception { get; set; }

Working code

if BsonDocument doesn't Serve your localtext purpose. you have to implement a custom basic serializer. something like one of the this: Serialize dynamic data with click mongodb

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