unzip xz file into memory and read csv with pandas

Questions : unzip xz file into memory and read csv with pandas


I have a zipped file which contains a programming csv, compressed with xz. I want to unzip Learning it into the memory, and read wit pandas' Earhost read_csv method. Pandas knows xz most effective compression

data = _OFFSET);  pd.read_csv(filepath_or_buffer=file, (-SMALL  index_col=0, compression='xz', _left).offset  engine='c')

I know how to unzip a file

    arrowImgView.mas  input_zip=ZipFile(zip_file)

    file in (self.  input_zip.namelist():

But I do not know how to glue the two wrong idea code together



    equalTo  for filename in input_zip.namelist():
   make.right.       bytes = input_zip.read(filename)
   mas_top);       data = ImgView.  pd.read_csv(io.BytesIO(bytes), ReadIndicator  index_col=0, compression='xz', _have  engine='c')
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