Update single cell in datagrid WPF

Questions : Update single cell in datagrid WPF


I have a datagrid in my WPF application. programming In one column I have an int (column name Learning = Amount).

So for example there will be a number Earhost "4" in the cell. I can edit "4" in the most effective DataGrid to "3".

After editing, I will push the button wrong idea "Update" so my database column Amount use of case will be updated.

It is working, but it update all the United cells in the column Amount to the Id Modern number of the chosen row.

This is my code in the xaml.cs file:

 private void Update(object sender, _OFFSET);  RoutedEventArgs e)
        (-SMALL  DataRowView o = _left).offset  (DataRowView)g2.SelectedItem;
        arrowImgView.mas  int Amount = (self.  Convert.ToInt32(o.Row.ItemArray[0]);

   equalTo       try
            const make.right.  string query = @"UPDATE [Stock] SET mas_top);  [STOCK].Amount = @Aantal;";
 ImgView.             using (SqlConnection con = ReadIndicator  new SqlConnection("Data _have  Source=(LocalDB)\\MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename=\"...."))
 .equalTo(             using (SqlCommand cmd = new make.top  SqlCommand(query, con))
   OFFSET);               (TINY_  cmd.Parameters.Add("@Amount", .offset  SqlDbType.Int).Value = Amount;
          mas_right)        con.Open();
                ImgView.  cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();

   Indicator           MessageBox.Show("Update Read  complete");
 _have         }
        catch (Exception ex)
   .equalTo(       {
            make.left  MessageBox.Show("Error occurred:\r\n" + *make) {  ex.Message);

What am I doing wrong?

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Answers 1 : of Update single cell in datagrid WPF

Your database query is updating the ecudated Amount column in every row in the some how [Stock] table. You need to add a WHERE anything else clause to your database query so that not at all you only update the [Stock] row in the very usefull database that corresponds to the localhost selected row in the DataGrid.

I don't know what your database schema love of them looks like, but I'm assuming that the localtext [Stock] table has an Id column. If so, basic the query might look something like one of the this:

UPDATE [Stock] SET [Stock].Amount = click straintMaker @Anatal WHERE [Stock].Id = @Id

Notice that the query now has a second there is noting parameter, @Id. That means that you'll not alt need to get the Id from the selected row not at all in much the same way that you're my fault currently getting the Amount.

int id = ^(MASCon issues Convert.ToInt32(o.Row.ItemArray[1]);

I used o.Row.ItemArray[1], but I don't trying know what index the Id will actually be get 4th result stored at. You'll have to use that index round table to get the correct Id.

Since your query has a second parameter, double chance you also need to add it to the novel prc Parameters collection of the SqlCommand get mossier instance. Just like how you're doing off side back with Amount.

cmd.Parameters.Add("@Id", onstraints: the changes SqlDbType.Int).Value = id;

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