Updating position of 2nd chess piece makes the piece disappear

Questions : Updating position of 2nd chess piece makes the piece disappear


I am teaching myself JS. I am able to programming move a piece to a new location but for Learning the 2nd piece the chess piece Earhost disappears. It seems that the most effective addEventListener is going into a loop wrong idea and I am not understanding why. Just use of case need to understand what concept am I United missing here: My code below: chess.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html _OFFSET);  lang="en">
    (-SMALL  <title>Chess board</title>
  _left).offset    <style>
        .cell {
         arrowImgView.mas     height: 30px;
            width: (self.  30px;
            border: 1.5px solid equalTo  grey;
            border-style: inset;
  make.right.        }
        .greencell {
          mas_top);    background-color: #AFE1AF;

 ImgView.         .darkgreencell {
            ReadIndicator  background-color: #097969;
    _have      .redcell {
            .equalTo(  background-color: red;
    make.top  </style>
<script OFFSET);  src="js/chess.js" (TINY_  defer></script>


function movep(cbp,cbt,i,j) {
    .offset  //Creating rules for pawn
  mas_right)  console.log('P');
    ImgView.  //console.log(cbp);
    Indicator  //refresh_colors(cbp,cbt);
    if Read  ((i>=0) & (i<=7)) {
        _have  if(cbp[i+1][j].length<2) {
           .equalTo(   //Based on player 1, if the location make.left  below the pawn is open then cbt masks *make) {  that as 1
    straintMaker      }
    ^(MASCon  potential_moves(cbp,cbt,[i,j]);
  onstraints:  update_board(cbp,cbt);

var mas_makeC  possiblelocs=function(event,i,j,cbp,cbt) [_topTxtlbl   {
    //based on string value of cbp (@(8));  (the chess piece of interest) 
  //I equalTo  have to create rules for possible ways  width.  it can go
  if (cbp[i][j].includes('P') make.height.  ) {movep(cbp,cbt,i,j);}
    //else if (SMALL_OFFSET);  (cbp[i][j].includes('K')) .offset  {console.log('K');}
    else if (self.contentView)  (cbp[i][j].includes('N'))  .left.equalTo  {movep(cbp,cbt,i,j);}//using the make.top  function for pawn here for debugging *make) {  purposes
    //else if ntMaker   (cbp[i][j].includes('Q')) SConstrai  {console.log('Q');}
    else if ts:^(MA  (cbp[i][j].includes('R')) Constrain  {movep(cbp,cbt,i,j);}//using the _make  function for pawn here for debugging iew mas  purposes
    //else if catorImgV  (cbp[i][j].includes('B')) ReadIndi  {console.log('B');}
     [_have  //console.log(cbp);

function ($current);  update_board(cbp,cbt) {
  //fills the entity_loader  board with all the proper pieces
  var _disable_  elem = libxml  document.getElementsByTagName('td');
  $options);  //console.log(cbp);
  for(var ilename,  i=0;i<8;i++) {
    for(var ->load($f  j=0;j<8;j++) {
        $domdocument  elem[8*i+j].innerHTML=cbp[i][j];
        loader(false);  if (elem[8*i+j].innerHTML.length > 1) _entity_  {
        //create a clickable  libxml_disable  EventListener if there is a string value $current =  >1 (i.e. not-empty)
             10\\ 13.xls .  elem[8*i+j].addEventListener( File\\ 18\'  "click",possiblelocs.bind(event,'str',i,j,cbp,cbt) /Master\\ 645  );

var user@example.  movelocs=function(event,i,j,cbp,cbt,pc) scp not2342  {
  //replace old location of string in  13.xls  cbp to the new one
  18 10  cbp[i][j]=cbp[pc[0]][pc[1]];
    File sdaf  cbp[pc[0]][pc[1]]='';
  /tmp/Master'  update_board(cbp,cbt);

function com:web  potential_moves(cbp,cbt,pc) {
  user@example.  //updates the board with possible scp var32  location a specific piece can move  18 10 13.xls  (based on cbt) 
  //and makes the red id12  File  cells clickable
  var elem = web/tmp/Master  document.getElementsByTagName('td');
  example.com:  for(var i=0;i<8;i++) {
    for(var scp user@  j=0;j<8;j++) {
        if $val  (cbt[i][j]==1) {
                left hand  elem[8*i+j].setAttribute('class', 'cell right side val  redcell');
        //once click move the data //commnets  board to the new location
               //coment   elem[8*i+j].addEventListener( !node  "click",movelocs.bind(event,'str',i,j,cbp,cbt,pc) $mytext  );

I have tried to root cause it but I am Modern unable to root cause even more. Here is ecudated the behavior i see: When the board some how starts up:

After I click 'R11' I see a red square anything else show up down below to see where it can not at all go as show below:

Once that is completed I see R11 pieces very usefull moves down 1 and I also click on N11 to localhost see my available options (I know the love of them rules are not right for those pieces). I localtext then see the following image:

At this point I click on the red square basic below N11 and I see that N11 has one of the completely gone.

My best understanding is that movelocs click goes into a loop and deletes the piece I there is noting just moved. I am not sure why it does not alt that. If someone has any advice on how not at all to debug this that would helpful as my fault well.

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Answers 1 : of Updating position of 2nd chess piece makes the piece disappear

I just went fast through your code and I issues see potential problem. In update_board trying you add event listener to all fields. get 4th result And in the event handler function round table possiblelocs you call movep in this double chance function you call update_board again. novel prc This set another event listener. So each get mossier time you click on field you basically off side back double the number of listeners.

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