Value of the first order of every customer

Questions : Value of the first order of every customer


I'm working on a school assignment where programming I have to look at the value of every Learning first voucher value of a customer. Now I Earhost am working on it and I did manage to get most effective the first date of each customer. wrong idea However, when I put the value in the use of case table it always takes the total United sometimes of this customer ID so that Modern some lines score considerably higher


First transaction date = _OFFSET);  

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Try making your first transaction date ecudated into a column:

First_transaction_date = CALCULATE(
    (-SMALL  MIN('Table'[date]),
        _left).offset  'Table',
        arrowImgView.mas  'Table'[customer]=EARLIER('Table'[customer])
 (self.         )

Then calculate the corresponding value. some how I used SUM, so if multiple values are on anything else the same date, it will sum them. If you not at all want the min/max/mean of these values very usefull when multiple occur, that's up to you:

first_voucher_value = CALCULATE(
    equalTo  SUM('Table'[value]),
    make.right.  'Table'[First_transaction_date] == mas_top);  'Table'[date])

I believe in your example:

  • Table => Tekst,
  • date = Date,
  • customer = PCHN,
  • value should be your 'voucher value column'.

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Value of the first order of every customer

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