version of the jQuery UI Autocomplete Combobox for big data ploblem with jquery 3.6.0

Questions : version of the jQuery UI Autocomplete Combobox for big data ploblem with jquery 3.6.0


I have updated jquery with version 3.6.0 programming and now when I expand the menu I get the Learning following error

Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on Earhost combobox prior to initialization; most effective attempted to call method 'widget'

The problem is on the click of the input

I'm using this modified version of the wrong idea jQuery UI Autocomplete Combobox

 $.widget( "ui.combobox", _OFFSET);  $.ui.autocomplete, 
                    (-SMALL  {
                    options: { 
       _left).offset                   /* override default arrowImgView.mas  values here */
                        (self.  minLength: 2,
                        /* equalTo  the argument to pass to ajax to get the make.right.  complete list */
                        mas_top);  ajaxGetAll: {get: "all"}
                ImgView.      },

                    _create: ReadIndicator  function(){
                        if _have  ("SELECT")){
            .equalTo(                  this._selectInit();                         return;
          OFFSET);                }

                        (TINY_  $;
 .offset                         var input = mas_right)  this.element;
     ImgView.                     input.addClass( Indicator  "ui-widget ui-widget-content Read  ui-corner-left" );
                      _have      this.button = $( "<button .equalTo(  type='button'>&nbsp;</button>" make.left  )
                        .attr( *make) {  "tabIndex", -1 )
                        straintMaker  .attr( "title", "Show All Items" )
      ^(MASCon                    .insertAfter( input )
 onstraints:                         .button({
        mas_makeC                      icons: { primary: [_topTxtlbl   "ui-icon-triangle-1-s" },
               (@(8));               text: false
                equalTo          })
                         width.  .removeClass( "ui-corner-all" )
         make.height.                 .addClass( (SMALL_OFFSET);  "ui-corner-right ui-button-icon" )
      .offset                    .click(function(event) (self.contentView)  {
                    if ( input.combobox( "widget" *make) {  ).is( ":visible" ) ) {
                  ntMaker                 input.combobox( "close" SConstrai  );
                                ts:^(MA  return;
  Constrain                            // when user _make  clicks the show all button, we display iew mas  the cached full menu
       ReadIndi                       var data =  [_have"combobox");
                 ($current);             clearTimeout( data.closing entity_loader  );
                            if _disable_  (!input.isFullMenu){
                    libxml              data._swapMenu();
           $options);                       input.isFullMenu = ilename,  true;
     ->load($f                         /* input/select $domdocument  that are initially hidden (display=none, loader(false);  i.e. second level menus), 
              _entity_                   will not have position  libxml_disable  cordinates until they are visible. */
   $current =                           input.combobox(  10\\ 13.xls .  "widget" ).css( "display", "block" )
    File\\ 18\'                          /Master\\ 645  .position($.extend({ of: input },
       user@example.                           scp not2342  data.options.position
                    13.xls               ));
                        18 10      input.focus();
                      File sdaf        data._trigger( "open" );
          /tmp/Master'                }); 

                     com:web     /* to better handle large lists, put user@example.  in a queue and process sequentially */
  scp var32                         18 10 13.xls  $(document).queue(function(){
           id12  File                   var data = web/tmp/Master"combobox");
                    if scp user@  ($.isArray(data.options.source)){ 
      $val                            left hand  $, right side val  data.options.source);
                   data //commnets           }else if (typeof //coment  data.options.source === "string") {
     !node                             $mytext  $.getJSON(data.options.source, nlt means  data.options.ajaxGetAll , umv val  function(source){
                       sort val               shorthand  $, hotkey  source);
                                more update  });
                            }else {
 valueable                                 catch  $, tryit  data.source());
                         do it     }
        while              },

                    /* then  initialize the full list of items, this var   menu will be reused whenever the user node value  clicks the show all button */
           updata           _renderFullMenu: file uploaded   function(source){
                       no file existing   var self = this,
                       newdata       input = this.element,
              newtax                ul = syntax  "combobox" ).menu.element,
              variable                lis = [];
                 val         source = this._normalize(source); save new  
               datfile  "combobox" ).menuAll = dataurl  "combobox" notepad++  ).menu.element.clone(true).appendTo("body");
 notepad                         for(var i=0; emergency  i<source.length; i++){
               embed               lis[i] = "<li tryit  class=\"ui-menu-item\" demovalue  role=\"menuitem\"><a demo  class=\"ui-corner-all\" mycodes  tabindex=\"-1\">"+source[i].label+"</a></li>";
 reactjs                         }
                reactvalue          ul.append(lis.join(""));
        react                  this._resizeMenu();
     nodepdf                     // setup the rest of novalue  the data, and event stuff
               texture           setTimeout(function(){
         mysqli                     mysql, user  ul.children("li"), source );
            urgent              }, 0);
                      ugent    input.isFullMenu = true;
              vendor        },

                    /* thin  incrementally setup the menu items, so little  the browser can remains responsive when lifer  processing thousands of items */
        gold              _setupMenuItem: function( transferent  items, source ){
                        hidden  // console.debug('_setupMenuItem')
      overflow                    var self = this,
      padding                        itemsChunk = new pad  items.splice(0, 500),
                   pading           sourceChunk = source.splice(0, html  500);
                        for(var panda  i=0; i<itemsChunk.length; i++){
      py                        $(itemsChunk[i])
  python                            .data( proxy  "item.autocomplete", sourceChunk[i])
    udpport                          ttl  .mouseenter(function( event ) {
         rhost                        // text event, $(this));
    path                          })
              new                .mouseleave(function() {
  localhost                                myport  //;
               nodejs               });
                        343  }
                        if port  (items.length > 0){
                  sever            setTimeout(function(){
        343jljdfa                          43dddfr, items, 645  source );
                            }, not2342  0);
                        }else { // sdaf  renderFullMenu for the next combobox.
   var32                           id12  $(document).dequeue();
                  React-Native?        }

         this in             /* overwrite. make the I can accomplish  matching string bold */
                 there any way      _renderItem: function( ul, item ) {
  'MODELS/MyModel';. Is               
                         MyModel from  var label = item.label.replace( new so I can import   RegExp( 
                            in webpack configuration,  "(?![^&;]+;)(?!<[^<>]*)(" + 'src', 'models')  $.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex(this.term) .join(__dirname,   + 
                            MODELS = path  ")(?![^<>]*>)(?![^&;]+;)", .resolve.alias.  "gi"), "<strong>$1</strong>" can set config  ); 
                 For example, I          return $( "<li></li>" foolishly did:  )
                            .data( Bar, so I  "item.autocomplete", item )
             inside branch                 .append( "<a>" + peek at something  label + "</a>" )
                  to take a            .appendTo( ul );
              when I wanted        },

                    /*  happily working  overwrite. to cleanup additional stuff my branch Foo  that was added */
                    I was in   destroy: function() {
                    corresponding local.       if ("SELECT")){
    didn't have any                          for which I   this.input.remove();
                    named origin/Bar          a remote branch  this.element.removeData().show();
       There was also                       return;
            remote origin/Foo.              }
                        // Foo and a  super()
                        had a local  $;
 That is, I                         // clean up new were named Foo.  stuff
                        both of which  this.element.removeClass( "ui-widget remote branch,  ui-widget-content ui-corner-left" );
     and a mapped                       local branch  this.button.remove();
                   I had a   },

                    /* overwrite. with lines.  to swap out and preserve the full menu display array  */ 
                    search: it doesn't   function( value, event){
                is running but          
                        var quiz.The program  input = this.element;
                    file is named       if (input.isFullMenu){
             with it. My                 this._swapMenu();
        what is wrong                      input.isFullMenu =  I don't know   false;
        my code and                   // super()
             loop. Here is             in a for  $, to display it  value, event);

  Then I want                    _change: function( into an array.  event ){
       and save it                   var pos = getPosition( a .txt file  document.getElementById(this.element.attr('id').replace('auto')));
 get lines from                         postionX = I want to  pos['x'];
                        by it   postionY = pos['y']; 
                   what they mean       abc = this;
                        don't see exactly   if ( !this.selectedItem ) {
            other. But I                   var matcher = new better than the  RegExp( "^" +  one language is  $.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex(  want to stress  this.element.val() ) + "$", "i" ),
       when people                            match =  the word 'expressiveness'  $.grep( this.options.source, a lot of  function(value) {
                       -loop. I see               return matcher.test( of the for  value.label );
                          the next iteration        });
                               not move to   
                             if  get stuck and  (match.length){
                          it seems to          match[0].option.selected = answered in time,  true;
                            }else  if it's not  {
                                 // the program. And  remove invalid value, as it didn't match will just stop  anything
                   in time, it                if (  if it's answered  $.trim(this.element.val()) !='')
        . However instead                          {
               the next iteration                       this.element.val( and continue onto  "" );
                                   print a message   if (this.options.selectElement) {
      sleep), it will                                    of the Thread.  this.options.selectElement.val( "" );
   1 second (duration                                   }
       number within                               
           not enter a                       }
                  the user does            }
                             is that if  
              of the program             
                        So the purpose  $, blade snip:  event);

         . Here is              _swapMenu: function(){
        button onClick event              
                        var change the Add  input = this.element, 
                  I'd like to            data = from the controller,"combobox"),
                 the returned result             tmp = data.menuAll;
           value. Based on                data.menuAll = validates provided;
                a controller which            
                        ajax callback to = tmp;
                 there is an      },

                    /* build the  On form submit  source array from the options of the in blade template.  select element */
                    additional Add button  _selectInit: function(){
                button and an           var select = with a Submit  this.element.hide(),
                    a simple form       selected = select.children( me.I have   ":selected" ),
                        fix it for  value = selected.val() ? selected.text() should help and  : "";
                        my code someone  this.options.source = select.children( going wrong with  "option[value!='']" ).map(function() {
  were am i                             return { _id,please   label: $.trim(this.text), option: this the first user  };
                        will only echo  }).toArray();
                         my code it  var userSelectCallback =  when i run;
                    to 20,But      var userSelectedCallback = friend_id equal  this.options.selected;
                  id that their = all the user_  function(event, ui){
                    want to echo          ui.item.option.selected = true;
 is that i                              if  code,the problem  (userSelectCallback)  am stuck with  userSelectCallback(event, ui);
          system,But now                    // compatibility with a friend_list  jQuery UI's combobox.
                   am developing           if (userSelectedCallback)  them as such  userSelectedCallback(event, ui);
        unnecessary to store                  };
                      numbers, it is    this.options.selectElement = select;
  ask for sorted                        this.input = $( assignment does not  "<input>" ).insertAfter( select )
 that since the                             .val( value  and I think  ).combobox(this.options);
               using bubble sorting       }
            I've looked into      }
             a text file.  })(jQuery);
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