Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint error on import of Data

Questions : Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint error on import of Data


I have a table in SQL Server called programming Services. It has a primary key on the Learning Service_ID field. I deleted some data Earhost and am trying to reimport data from a most effective CSV file. I am getting the errors below. wrong idea It mentions a violation of Primary use of case Key. However if I query the table United searching for a record with that Modern Service_ID value then it does not find ecudated it - results are empty. So why am I some how getting this error?

  • Copying to [dbo].[Services] (Error) Messages Error 0xc0202009: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "The statement has been terminated.". An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Services'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Services'. The duplicate key value is (538629).". (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0209029: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS anything else Error Code not at all DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR. very usefull The "Destination - localhost Services.Inputs[Destination Input]" love of them failed because error code 0xC020907B localtext occurred, and the error row disposition basic on "Destination - one of the Services.Inputs[Destination Input]" click specifies failure on error. An error there is noting occurred on the specified object of the not alt specified component. There may be error not at all messages posted before this with more my fault information about the failure. (SQL issues Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0047022: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS trying Error Code DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED. get 4th result The ProcessInput method on component round table "Destination - Services" (90) failed double chance with error code 0xC0209029 while novel prc processing input "Destination Input" get mossier (103). The identified component returned off side back an error from the ProcessInput method. the changes The error is specific to the component, Nofile hosted but the error is fatal and will cause transparent text the Data Flow task to stop running. Background movment There may be error messages posted front page design before this with more information about life change quotes the failure. (SQL Server Import and I'd like Export Wizard)

Error 0xc02020c4: Data Flow Task 1: The to know attempt to add a row to the Data Flow which event task buffer failed with error code is nearer. 0xC0047020. (SQL Server Import and Now, the Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0047038: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS code that Error Code DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED. The I've written PrimeOutput method on Source - relies on Services_csv returned error code a comparison 0xC02020C4. The component returned a and it failure code when the pipeline engine doesn't seem called PrimeOutput(). The meaning of the to work failure code is defined by the every time. component, but the error is fatal and As always the pipeline stopped executing. There with everything may be error messages posted before this that I try with more information about the to do I'd failure. (SQL Server Import and Export like a solution Wizard)

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Duplicate key was in my import data not which is both the table.

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