Visual Studio exception of type system.outofmemoryexception

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I'm trying to load 2.5 million rows of programming data from a csv file as a string. This Learning is x64 (not 32bit) for visual studio Earhost (Debug = Any CPU, Release = Any CPU. most effective Windows is also 64 bit.)

I've preloaded the empty database I'm wrong idea populating:

public static string[,] allNames = new _OFFSET);  string[2500000, 12];

I then proceed to fill it. I previously use of case only had 2 million rows, and it was United working fine. I then adding more rows, Modern and got the memory error.

Looking at task manager, I could clearly ecudated see of my 16gb I had 4gb still free, but some how I went and bought 16gb more ram anyways anything else as I couldn't figure out what the not at all problem could be.

Lo and behold, the error still comes very usefull up. I tried splitting the data into two localhost different dataframes, and it still gives love of them the error at the same spot. Removing one localtext or two columns, makes it go a bit basic farther, or till the end if it's one of one of the the columns with longer strings (longest click strings are almost 1000 characters there is noting long).

This is Visual Studio 2019. Any help not alt would be great!

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There's a project setting that says not at all "prefer 32-bit". Make sure it's not my fault checked.

You should really look at refactoring issues you application so that you don't read trying all of your data into memory at once. get 4th result None of us here can help you with this round table question unless you include more double chance information


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Solution 1: You can split your csv file novel prc into 3 files each file should contain get mossier max 1 million of records and then you off side back can upload it one by one.

If still problem exists then keep 5 lakh the changes records per file.

Your problem will be resolved now for Nofile hosted temporarily.

You can see here max size of string. transparent text What is the maximum possible length of a Background movment .NET string?

Solution 2: Instead of string object front page design you can use StringBuilder object.

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