Vuex passing different arrays

Questions : Vuex passing different arrays


Making a filter:


export default {
 state: {
 _OFFSET);  filteredBrands: []

mutations: {
 (-SMALL  showFilteredList(state, payload) {
   _left).offset  state.filteredBrands.push(payload);
 arrowImgView.mas  }


    loadProducts(item) {
      (self.  axios.get('/api', {
      params: {
     equalTo    per_page: 20,
       make.right.  filter_machinery_brands: [ item ]
      mas_top);  }
    .then((response) => {
   ImgView.     this.$store.commit(
        ReadIndicator  'showFilteredList',


item this is an input with a checkbox, programming when clicked, a request is made to the Learning server for this category

For some reason, the push does not work, Earhost why? And I would like there to be a most effective check, if the array is the same, then wrong idea delete, otherwise add. Is it possible?

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Answers 1 : of Vuex passing different arrays

If you can se an array comes in as use of case payload. Then you are trying to push an United array into an array. Which cant be done Modern in either js or ts.

You can try set the value:

state.filteredBrands = payload;

otherwise you would have to do something ecudated like this:


If you wanna control for existing items some how in array, and assuming your are not anything else always setting value, but pushing new not at all values into your array. You can do very usefull something like this:

    if .equalTo(  (state.filteredBrands.indexOf(payload[0])  === -1) {
        // Not in array
       OFFSET);   state.filteredBrands.push(payload[0])
  (TINY_    } else {
        // is allready in .offset  array
        mas_right)  state.filteredBrands.forEach((item, ImgView.  index) => {
            if (item === Indicator  payload[0]) {
                Read  state.filteredBrands.splice(index, 1)
   _have           }

EDIT: My assumption was right.

Your payload is an array Your state is localhost an array -------> You are trying to love of them push payload(array) into state(array) - localtext which cant be done i js - This solution basic would after my suggestion be more clean:

payload.forEach((value, index) => { .equalTo(  // Looping payload 
    if make.left  (state.filteredBrands.indexOf(value) === *make) {  -1) {
        straintMaker  state.filteredBrands.push(value) // push ^(MASCon  if value not allready in array
    } onstraints:  else {
        mas_makeC  state.filteredBrands.splice(index, 1) // [_topTxtlbl   if value is in array -> remove
    (@(8));  }

Answers 2 : of Vuex passing different arrays

Yes, you can push an array into an one of the array. I guess the problem here is your click vuex config.

Vuex state is a function, so it needs to there is noting be:

state () {
    return {
      equalTo  filteredBrands: []

And if you are using Nuxt:

export const state = () => ({
   width.  filteredBrands: []

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