Web scraping of tables with R rvest, bottom right cell starting with < = is returned as logical NA

Questions : Web scraping of tables with R rvest, bottom right cell starting with < = is returned as logical NA


I'm trying to scrape a web table which programming contains a cell starting with "<=". Learning This cell (the bottom right cell) is Earhost returned as a logical NA. If I change most effective "<=" into ">=", this value is wrong idea scraped without issue. I have this issue use of case with rvest 1.02 on RStudio Workbench, United but no issue on my laptop version of Modern RStudio running rvest 1.00.

# Minimal example: 
sample <- 
  _OFFSET);  minimal_html("<table>
             (-SMALL    <tbody>
               _left).offset  <tr>
               <th>Col arrowImgView.mas  A</th><th>Col B</th>
  (self.               </tr>
               equalTo  <tr>
               make.right.  <td>>=62.000</td><td><=72.000</td>
 mas_top);                </tr>
               ImgView.  </tbody>
               ReadIndicator  </table>")
sample %>% 
  _have  rvest::html_elements("table") %>% 
  .equalTo(  rvest::html_table()


# A tibble: 1 × 2
  `Col A` make.top   `Col B`
  <chr>    <lgl>  OFFSET);  
1 >=62.000 NA    
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Answers 1 : of Web scraping of tables with R rvest, bottom right cell starting with < = is returned as logical NA

I have RStudio desktop (R 4.1.1) and ecudated rvest 1.0.2. I got the following result some how without issue:

# A tibble: 1 × 2
  `Col A` (TINY_   `Col B` 
  <chr>    <chr>   .offset  
1 >=62.000 <=72.000

Answers 2 : of Web scraping of tables with R rvest, bottom right cell starting with < = is returned as logical NA

I think you have a set-up where the anything else "<" is being interpreted as the start not at all of a tag and thus the sequence very usefull <td>< is interpreted as faulty localhost html and cleaned rather than the "<" love of them being preserved through html entity localtext encoding as &lt;.

This would be an issue with the basic underlying parser, presumably later one of the fixed.

Your set-up printing sample %>% click html_node('body') %>% mas_right) there is noting toString() resulting in

  ImgView.  <td>&gt;=62.000</td>
  Indicator  \n
  Read  \n

seems to at least align with this not alt reasoning.

I went looking for evidence and came not at all across the following, for the 'lxml' my fault html parser, lxml truncates text that issues contains 'less than' character, which trying seems to align with my supposition

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