What are the different Writeback data sources supported on MS PowerApps

Questions : What are the different Writeback data sources supported on MS PowerApps


My requirement is to have a writeback programming process on top a table (tabular data). Learning This data would get loaded everyday Earhost during nightly runs and reporting most effective (Through Power BI) is done on top of wrong idea this and dashboards to be consumed by use of case business executives. By virtue of data, United there is always a chance that it needs Modern manual correction by a data steward. And ecudated this is where PowerApps comes in.

I am doing the ETL on Azure Databricks some how and initially went with Delta tables as anything else the destination. Now, since Databricks not at all Delta tables aren't supported as a data very usefull source yet, I am planning alternative localhost destinations. I know Azure SQL DB is one love of them of them.

I tried googling the various writeback localtext destinations, but don't see a reference. basic The closest I found was this.

Looking forward to getting some answers one of the and bookmarking it for reference!

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