What is method for login in privat api instagram

Questions : What is method for login in privat api instagram


I have a question ?!! In private api programming instagram,how i should encrypt password Learning and post it? What is algorithm? Any one Earhost know??

In most effective https://github.com/dilame/instagram-private-api Have wrong idea this method

export class AccountRepository extends _OFFSET);  Repository {
  private static (-SMALL  accountDebug = debug('ig:account');
  _left).offset  public async login(username: string, arrowImgView.mas  password: string): (self.  Promise<AccountRepositoryLoginResponseLogged_in_user> equalTo  {
    if make.right.  (!this.client.state.passwordEncryptionPubKey) mas_top);  {
      await ImgView.  this.client.qe.syncLoginExperiments();
  ReadIndicator    }
    const {encrypted, time} = _have  this.encryptPassword(password);
    .equalTo(  const response = await Bluebird.try(() make.top  =>
      OFFSET);  this.client.request.send<AccountRepositoryLoginResponseRootObject>({
 (TINY_         method: 'POST',
        url: .offset  '/api/v1/accounts/login/',
        form: mas_right)  this.client.request.sign({
          ImgView.  username,
          enc_password: Indicator  `#PWD_INSTAGRAM:4:${time}:${encrypted}`,
 Read           guid: this.client.state.uuid,
  _have          phone_id: .equalTo(  this.client.state.phoneId,
          make.left  _csrftoken: *make) {  this.client.state.cookieCsrfToken,
      straintMaker      device_id: ^(MASCon  this.client.state.deviceId,
          onstraints:  adid: this.client.state.adid,
          mas_makeC  google_tokens: '[]',
          [_topTxtlbl   login_attempt_count: 0,
          (@(8));  country_codes: JSON.stringify([{ equalTo  country_code: '1', source: 'default'  width.  }]),
          jazoest: make.height.  AccountRepository.createJazoest(this.client.state.phoneId),
 (SMALL_OFFSET);         }),
    .offset  ).catch(IgResponseError, error => {
  (self.contentView)      if  .left.equalTo  (error.response.body.two_factor_required) make.top  {
        *make) {  AccountRepository.accountDebug(
         ntMaker    `Login failed, two factor auth SConstrai  required: ts:^(MA  ${JSON.stringify(error.response.body.two_factor_info)}`,
 Constrain         );
        throw new _make  IgLoginTwoFactorRequiredError(error.response iew mas  as catorImgV  IgResponse<AccountRepositoryLoginErrorResponse>);
 ReadIndi       }
      switch  [_have  (error.response.body.error_type) {
      ($current);    case 'bad_password': {
          throw entity_loader  new _disable_  IgLoginBadPasswordError(error.response libxml  as $options);  IgResponse<AccountRepositoryLoginErrorResponse>);
 ilename,         }
        case 'invalid_user': {
 ->load($f           throw new $domdocument  IgLoginInvalidUserError(error.response loader(false);  as _entity_  IgResponse<AccountRepositoryLoginErrorResponse>);
  libxml_disable         }
        default: {
          $current =  throw error;
   10\\ 13.xls .    return response.body.logged_in_user;
  File\\ 18\'  }

How i use it for php?

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