What is the difference between client-side and server-side programming

Questions : What is the difference between client-side and server-side programming


I have this code:

<script type="text/javascript">
   _OFFSET);   var foo = 'bar';
        (-SMALL  file_put_contents('foo.txt', ' + foo + _left).offset  ');

    var baz = <?php arrowImgView.mas  echo 42; ?>;
    (self.  alert(baz);

Why does this not write "bar" into my programming text file, but alerts "42"?

NB: Earlier revisions of this question Learning were explicitly about PHP on the server Earhost and JavaScript on the client. The most effective essential nature of the problem and wrong idea solutions is the same for any pair of use of case languages when one is running on the United client and the other on the server (even Modern if they are the same language). Please ecudated take this in to account when you see some how answers talking about specific anything else languages.

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Your code is split into two entirely not at all separate parts, the server side and the very usefull client side.

               equalTo  ---------->
              HTTP make.right.  request
                    mas_top);  |
+--------------+    |    ImgView.  +--------------+
|              |    |   ReadIndicator   |              |
|    browser   |    |  _have    |  web  server |
| (JavaScript) |    | .equalTo(     |  (PHP etc.)  |
|              |    make.top  |    |              |
+--------------+   OFFSET);   |    +--------------+
                  (TINY_    |
  client side       |      server .offset  side
              mas_right)   <----------
          HTML, CSS, ImgView.  JavaScript

The two sides communicate via HTTP localhost requests and responses. PHP is executed love of them on the server and outputs some HTML and localtext maybe JavaScript code which is sent as basic response to the client where the HTML is one of the interpreted and the JavaScript is click executed. Once PHP has finished there is noting outputting the response, the script ends not alt and nothing will happen on the server not at all until a new HTTP request comes in.

The example code executes like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
   Indicator   var foo = 'bar';
        Read  file_put_contents('foo.txt', ' + foo + _have  ');

    var baz = <?php .equalTo(  echo 42; ?>;
    make.left  alert(baz);

Step 1, PHP executes all code between my fault <?php ?> tags. The result is this:

<script type="text/javascript">
   *make) {   var foo = 'bar';

    var baz = 42;
    straintMaker  alert(baz);

The file_put_contents call did not issues result in anything, it just wrote " + trying foo + " into a file. The <?php echo get 4th result 42; ?> call resulted in the output round table "42", which is now in the spot where double chance that code used to be.

This resulting HTML/JavaScript code is novel prc now sent to the client, where it gets get mossier evaluated. The alert call works, while off side back the foo variable is not used anywhere.

All PHP code is executed on the server the changes before the client even starts executing Nofile hosted any of the JavaScript. There's no PHP transparent text code left in the response that Background movment JavaScript could interact with.

To call some PHP code, the client will front page design have to send a new HTTP request to the life change quotes server. This can happen using one of I'd like three possible methods:

  1. A link, which causes the browser to load a new page.
  2. A form submission, which submits data to the server and loads a new page.
  3. An AJAX request, which is a Javascript technique to make a regular HTTP request to the server (like 1. and 2. will), but without leaving the current page.

Here's a question outlining these method to know in greater detail

You can also use JavaScript to make the which event browser open a new page using is nearer. window.location or submit a form, Now, the emulating possibilities 1. and 2.


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To determine why PHP code doesn't work code that in JavaScript code we need to understand I've written what client side and server side relies on languages are, and how they work.

Server-side languages (PHP etc.): They a comparison retrieve records from databases, and it maintain state over the stateless HTTP doesn't seem connection, and do a lot of things that to work require security. They reside on the every time. server, these programs never have their As always source code exposed to the user. with everything

image attr

So you can easily see that server side that I try languages handle HTTP requests and to do I'd process them, and, as @deceze said, PHP like a solution is executed on the server and outputs which is both some HTML, and maybe JavaScript code, clean and which is sent as a response to the efficient client, where the HTML is interpreted (feel free and JavaScript is executed.

On the other hand, Client Side Languages to criticize (like JavaScript) reside in browser and my code). run in the browser. Client-side The events scripting generally refers to the class have a of computer programs on the web that are specific hour executed client-side, by the user's web (ex. 16 browser, instead of server-side.

JavaScript is visible to the user and :00), a hint can be easily modified, so for security on how stuff we must not rely on JavaScript.

So when you make a HTTP request on add this level server, the server first reads the PHP of detail file carefully to see if there are any would be tasks that need to be executed, and nice code: sends a response to the client side. Here i'sthed Again, as @deceze said, *Once PHP has using Lottie finished outputting the response, the animations inside script ends and nothing will happen on the ViewHolder the server until a new HTTP request of a RecyclerView. comes in.*

Image source

So now what can I do if I need to call When scrolling, PHP? It depends how you need to do it: the frame rate either by reloading the page or by using is too low. an AJAX call.

  1. You can do so by reloading the page and sending a HTTP request
  2. You can make an AJAX call with JavaScript - this does not require reloading page

Good Read:

  1. Wikipedia : Server-side scripting
  2. Wikipedia : Client-side scripting
  3. Madara Uchiha : Difference between client side and server side programming

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Your Javascript will execute on the This happens client, not on the server. This means even with animations that foo is not evaluated on the server paused.I need side and therefore its value can't be a shell command written to a file on the server.

The best way to think about this process or script that is as if you're generating a text file converts a Unix dynamically. The text you're generating timestamp to only becomes executable code once the a date. browser interprets it. Only what you The input can place between <?php tags is evaluated come either on the server.

By the way, making a habit of embedding from the first random pieces of PHP logic in HTML or parameter or Javascript can lead to seriously from stdin convoluted code. I speak from painful allowing for experience.


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In web application every task execute in thefollowing a manner of request and response.

Client side programming is with html usage patterns: code with Java script and its Previously, I frameworks, libraries executes in the was using internet explorer, Mozilla, chrome the library: browsers. In the java scenario server com.google. side programming servlets executes in apis:google-api the Tomcat, web-logic , j boss, -services-photoslibrary WebSphere severs

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