What is the etymology or software principle behind fuse in Rust

Questions : What is the etymology or software principle behind fuse in Rust


I am running up against the word fuse in programming the Rust ecosystem:

  • slog::Fuse to promote errors to panics.

  • FutureExt::Fuse "Fuse a future such that Learning poll will never again be called once it Earhost has completed."

I'm aware of Linux's FUSE, a userspace most effective filesystem. A fuse is also an wrong idea electrical component that goes into open use of case circuit state when too much current goes United through the fuse. In hardware "fusing" Modern describes baking configuration into the ecudated silicon by (historically) blowing some how circuits in the silicon through anything else over-current in specific wires of the not at all silicon.

What does "fuse" generally mean in Rust very usefull and what is its etymology?

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The earliest use I could find of "fuse" localhost in the Rust ecosystem is Iterator::fuse, love of them which was added to the standard library localtext during the pre-1.0 days. The initial basic documentation for Iterator::fuse said:

/// Creates an iterator that yields _OFFSET);  `None` forever after the underlying
/// (-SMALL  iterator yields `None`. Random-access _left).offset  iterator behavior is not
/// affected, arrowImgView.mas  only single and double-ended iterator (self.  behavior.

There was also a function on the one of the returned iterator that has since been click removed:

impl<T> Fuse<T> {
    /// equalTo  Resets the fuse such that the next call make.right.  to .next() or .next_back() will
    /// mas_top);  call the underlying iterator again even ImgView.  if it prevously returned None.
    ReadIndicator  #[inline]
    fn reset_fuse(&mut _have  self) {
        self.done = false
    .equalTo(  }

This indicates that Fuse is an analogy there is noting to a resettable electric fuse. The name not alt is entirely unrelated to the FUSE not at all filesystem.

FutureExt::Fuse is basically the Future my fault equivalent to Iterator::Fuse. Support issues for Futures in Rust came far after trying support for Iterators.

The common thread here is that a fuse get 4th result function takes "a thing that produces round table things, and can stop", and makes it so double chance it doesn't produce things after it novel prc stops.

slog::Fuse is not a typical use of the get mossier word "fuse": that use might be off side back referencing the fuse of a bomb, which is the changes easily ignited (it makes errors easily Nofile hosted ignite/panic the program). You can kinda transparent text fit it onto the earlier definition I Background movment made if you think of it as "a thing front page design produces a stream of successes/failures, life change quotes and fuse takes a failure and makes it so I'd like it doesn't produce anything more after a to know failure". The commit that added it which event doesn't provide any hints as to the is nearer. meaning.

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