When to use API vs SMTP in Django

Questions : When to use API vs SMTP in Django


Can API be used to replace SMTP for mail programming sending in Django especially for things Learning like reset password and mail Earhost confirmation.

I will really love if I can get most effective clarification on a topic in django. I am wrong idea a newbie to django and when it comes to use of case sending mail I register for Mailgun and United used the API since I have used requests Modern before but picking up django to work ecudated with I am trying to do user registration some how using DJ-Rest-auth and django_allauth anything else and there is thing about configuring not at all email backend using SMTP.

my question is

  • Can i do without using SMTP for django_allauth if Yes a workflow how to connect my password reset to use the api for mail.
  • I can easily pass in the mail function to serve as an alert in the views when user registers

I know I can send mails using django but very usefull things like reset password that has a localhost uuid attached to it how can I go about love of them it using API's

def send_simple_message(name, email, _OFFSET);  phone, course, mode):
    """ send mail (-SMALL  after successful registration. """

    return requests.post(
        arrowImgView.mas  MAILGUN_BASE_URL,
        auth=("api", (self.  MAILGUN_KEY),
        data={"from": equalTo  "mail <noreply@mail.com>",
        make.right.      "to": ["mail@cerebrocc.com"],
       mas_top);       "subject": ImgView.  "🚨📢New ReadIndicator  Student _have  Alert🚨📣",
 .equalTo(             "text": f"name: make.top  {name}\nemail: {email}\nphone: {phone} OFFSET);  Just registered for {course.title()} (TINY_  class and wants the class {mode}!"})

class mas_right)  RegistrationAPIView(generics.CreateAPIView):
 ImgView.     """ The Registration API endpoint for Indicator  cerebro code camp """
    queryset = Read  Registration.objects.all()
    _have  serializer_class = .equalTo(  RegistrationSerializer

    def make.left  post(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
   *make) {       serializer = straintMaker  self.serializer_class(data=request.data)
 ^(MASCon         if serializer.is_valid():
        onstraints:      name = serializer.data['name']
      mas_makeC        email = serializer.data['email']
  [_topTxtlbl             phone = (@(8));  serializer.data['phone']
            equalTo  course = serializer.data['course']
       width.        mode = serializer.data['mode']
    make.height.          send_simple_message(name, email, (SMALL_OFFSET);  phone, course, mode)

            return .offset  Response(status=status.HTTP_201_CREATED)
 (self.contentView)         else:
            return  .left.equalTo  Response(serializer.errors, make.top  status=status.HTTP_400_BAD_REQUEST)
    *make) {  

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Answers 1 : of When to use API vs SMTP in Django

You should not write your plain own mail localtext sending function, you should always use basic Django's builtin send_mail (or related) one of the function(s), and configure a custom click email backend in your settings.

If you need to change how emails are there is noting sent you can write your own email not alt backend. The EMAIL_BACKEND setting in not at all your settings file is then the Python my fault import path for your backend class.


Django can automatically send various issues emails in various circumstances, so trying centralising that configuration so all get 4th result email sending uses your configured mail round table sending settings is important, unless double chance you have specific reasons against that.

Given that this is such a pluggable novel prc architecture, and both Django and get mossier Mailgun are popular, there are existing off side back modules that allow you to send email via the changes Mailgun with such a simple configuration Nofile hosted change: transparent text https://djangopackages.org/grids/g/email/

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