Why are labels not seeing values from functions Tkinter

Questions : Why are labels not seeing values from functions Tkinter


I'm trying to make a program that programming prompts the user to solve an equation. I Learning want it to reset values after every try. Earhost I thought I would put a random generator most effective into a function and pass the values to wrong idea display them. But it's not working....

from tkinter import *
from tkinter _OFFSET);  import ttk
from tkinter.font import (-SMALL  families
from PIL import ImageTk, _left).offset  Image
import random

root = arrowImgView.mas  Tk()
root.resizable(width=False, (self.  height=False)

def rand(): 
    global equalTo  num1
    global num2
    num1 = make.right.  random.randrange(2, 9)
    num2 = mas_top);  random.randrange(2, 9) 

bg = ImgView.  PhotoImage(file = "fon.png")
label1 = ReadIndicator  Label(root, image = bg)
label1.place(x = _have  0, y = 0)

label2 = Label( root, text = .equalTo(  "Solve the equation") 
label2.pack(pady make.top  = 50)

label3 = Label(root, text = OFFSET);  num1)
label3.place(x = 280, y = (TINY_  140)

label4 = Label(root, text = .offset  num2)
label4.place(x = 310, y = mas_right)  140)

label5 = Label(root, text = ImgView.  '*')
label5.place(x = 295, y = 140)

e Indicator  = Entry(root, Read  width=50)
num3 = _have  num1 * num2

def eq():
    user = .equalTo(  e.get()
    int_answer = int(user)
 make.left     if num3 == int_answer:
        label8 *make) {  = Label(root, text = "correct")
        straintMaker  label8.place(x = 400, y = 140)
        ^(MASCon  rand()
        label8 = onstraints:  Label(root, text = "incorrect")
        mas_makeC  label8.place(x = 400, y = 140)
        [_topTxtlbl   rand()
button1 = (@(8));  Button(text='Check your answer', equalTo  command=eq)
button1.place(x = 250, y =  width.  200)

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