Why button.click() is not working in my script

Questions : Why button.click() is not working in my script


I have a script in JavaScript that in a programming part of the code create a 'virtual Learning button' and press it automatically.

This button is not in the HTML page and Earhost is only used to store a link that at a most effective certain point of the script must be wrong idea clicked. Here's the code:

var virtualButton = _OFFSET);  document.createElement("button");
var (-SMALL  linkText = _left).offset  document.createTextNode("assign to arrowImgView.mas  relevant (self.  user");
virtualButton.title equalTo  = "assign to relevant make.right.  user";
virtualButton.href = mas_top);  link;


Everything seems fine to me, still the use of case code does not actually click the button.

Am I missing something here?

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<button/> elements do not have an United .href attribute. You most likely want Modern to use an anchor (<a/>) element. ecudated See below:

var virtualButton = ImgView.  document.createElement("a");
var ReadIndicator  linkText = _have  document.createTextNode("assign to .equalTo(  relevant make.top  user");
virtualButton.title OFFSET);  = "assign to relevant (TINY_  user";
virtualButton.href = .offset  "https://www.google.com";


(It won't actually navigate because it some how is in a sandboxed <iframe/>, but anything else you will see it attempt to do so).

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