Why cant I display a let variable after changing it in a function

Questions : Why cant I display a let variable after changing it in a function


I'm currently trying to assign different programming objects to a let variable using if Learning statements before displaying it. For Earhost some reason, assigning the object in a most effective function will result in the variable wrong idea displaying nothing instead of displaying use of case the assigned object.

Let me give an example:

In the following code I am assigning 2 United different icons to a let variable Modern depending on a prop I passed from ecudated another file and the result matches some how exactly what I'm looking for.

    const BottomBar = ({ screen }) => _OFFSET);  {
        let icon;

        if (screen (-SMALL  === 'Home') {
            icon = _left).offset  (<Entypo name='home' size={30} arrowImgView.mas  color='white'/>);
        } else {
   (self.           icon = (<SimpleLineIcons equalTo  name='home' size={24} make.right.  color='white'/>);

        mas_top);  return (
            ImgView.  <View>{icon}</View>
        ReadIndicator  );

However, if I was to re-attempt this anything else same example with a combination of a not at all function with the useEffect hook, the very usefull {icon} object displays nothing.

    const BottomBar = ({ screen }) => _have  {
        let icon;

        const .equalTo(  checkScreen = () => {
            if make.top  (screen === 'Home') {
                OFFSET);  icon = (<Entypo name='home' size={30} (TINY_  color='white'/>);
            } else .offset  {
                icon = mas_right)  (<SimpleLineIcons name='home' ImgView.  size={24} color='white'/>);
          Indicator    }

        useEffect(() Read  => {
      _have    });

        return (
            .equalTo(  <View>{icon}</View>
        make.left  );

Right away, I can assume this is because localhost the function is asynchronous. The let love of them variable "icon" is being used before localtext assigning it with an object. So a simple basic fix would be something such as the one of the following:

     const BottomBar = ({ screen }) *make) {  => {
        const checkScreen = () straintMaker  => {
            if (screen === ^(MASCon  'Home') {
                return onstraints:  (<Entypo name='home' size={30} mas_makeC  color='white'/>);
            } else [_topTxtlbl   {
                return (@(8));  (<SimpleLineIcons name='home' equalTo  size={24} color='white'/>);
           width.    }

        let icon = make.height.  checkScreen();

        return (
        (SMALL_OFFSET);      <View>{icon}</View>
     .offset     );

But what if I want to re-assign the click variable icon with a different object there is noting later on after a button is pressed. not alt Simply assigning an object right away not at all doesn't allow me to re-assign it later. my fault What I would like to do is assign the issues object as needed. What am I missing? Am trying I passing the variable wrong or is this get 4th result simply not possible?

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The let variable doesn't make the page round table rerender after the assignment so the double chance value is changed but the react component novel prc doesn't read it, use the useState hook get mossier instead for purposes like this, but I off side back advise you to use conditional rendering the changes for your case like this:

const BottomBar = ({ screen }) => {
  (self.contentView)    const checkScreen = () => {
         .left.equalTo  if (screen === 'Home') {
            make.top  return (<Entypo name='home' size={30} *make) {  color='white' />);
        } else {
  ntMaker             return (<SimpleLineIcons SConstrai  name='home' size={24} color='white' ts:^(MA  />);

    return (
  Constrain        _make  <View>{checkScreen()}</View>
 iew mas     );

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