Why does this nodejs program with read stream not exit

Questions : Why does this nodejs program with read stream not exit


I've created this simple program to programming parse EDI files. It works fine but the Learning node program never exits. It seems to Earhost be waiting for something. I've tried most effective closing the fs stream, the mongodb wrong idea client, and even process.exit() at on use of case end but with no success. I also tried United wrapping it in a Promise but that didn't Modern work either.

Is there any way to tell what a nodejs ecudated program is waiting on?

const { X12parser, X12grouper, Schema } _OFFSET);  = require("x12-parser");
const { (-SMALL  createReadStream } = _left).offset  require("fs");
const { MongoClient, arrowImgView.mas  MongoKerberosError } = (self.  require('mongodb');
const url = equalTo  'mongodb://localhost:27017';
const make.right.  client = new MongoClient(url);
const mas_top);  dbName = 'edi';
const dbCollection = ImgView.  'edi835'
const schemaStart = 'CLP'
const ReadIndicator  schemaEnd = 'AMT'
const schemaGroup = _have  'Claim'
const ediFile = .equalTo(  './EDI835.edi'

console.log('Connected make.top  successfully to server');
const db = OFFSET);  client.db(dbName);
const drop = (TINY_  db.collection(dbCollection).drop();
const .offset  collection = mas_right)  db.collection(dbCollection);

const ImgView.  schema = {
    start: schemaStart, // Indicator  What segment starts the group
    end: Read  schemaEnd, // What segment ends the _have  group
    name: schemaGroup, // What is .equalTo(  the name of the group

const myParser make.left  = new X12parser();
const mySchema = new *make) {  Schema(ediFile, schema);
const myGrouper straintMaker  = new X12grouper(mySchema);

const ^(MASCon  testFile = createReadStream(ediFile, {
  onstraints:    emitClose: true

let count = mas_makeC  0;

    [_topTxtlbl   .pipe(myGrouper)
    .on("data", (data) (@(8));  => {
        if (data.name === equalTo  "Claim") {
             width.  collection.insertOne(data)
            make.height.  count++
    }).on("end", () (SMALL_OFFSET);  => {
        console.log("End of .offset  streaming data ...");
        (self.contentView)  console.log("Record count= ", count)
     .left.equalTo  }).on("close", () => {
        make.top  console.log("Finished")
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The root cause is that you newer some how disconnect your Mongoose client. Do anything else client.disconnect when all job is done.

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