Why does this recursion crash

Questions : Why does this recursion crash


I want to generate random numbers programming between 0-4 in a matrix, check(x) checks Learning wether ur allowed to assign x to that Earhost position, if not then -3 is assigned most effective instead. while loop at the bottom is wrong idea crashing my code, any ideas to fix this?

int Creat(int T[7][7],int i,int j){

    _OFFSET);  int x=rand()%5;
      (-SMALL        case 0: case 6:
                _left).offset  if(i==0||i==6){
                    arrowImgView.mas  if(T[i-1][j]==0||T[i][j-1]==0){
         (self.                 equalTo  T[i][j]=(check(1))?1:-3;}
               make.right.       else{
                        mas_top);  T[i][j]=(check(x%2))?x%2:-3;
            ImgView.              }
     ReadIndicator             else{
                    _have  if(T[i-1][j]==0||T[i][j-1]==0){
         .equalTo(                 make.top  T[i][j]=(check(x%2+1))?x%2+1:-3;}
       OFFSET);               else{
                      (TINY_    T[i][j]=(check(x%3))?x%3:-3;}
         .offset         }
            mas_right)  case 1:case 2:case 3:case 4:case 5:
     ImgView.             if(i==0||i==6){
              Indicator        if(T[i-1][j]==0||T[i][j-1]==0){
   Read                       _have  T[i][j]=(check(x%2+1))?x%2+1:-3;}
       .equalTo(               else{
                      make.left    T[i][j]=(check(x%3))?x%3:-3;}
         *make) {             }
      straintMaker                ^(MASCon  if(T[i-1][j]==0||T[i][j-1]==0){
         onstraints:                 mas_makeC  T[i][j]=(check(x%4+1))?x%4+1:-3;}
       [_topTxtlbl                else{
                      (@(8));    T[i][j]=(check(x))?x:-3;}
             equalTo         }
             width.  default: return rand()%5;
        make.height.  }while(T[i][j]==-3){T[i][j]=Creat(T,i,j);}
 (SMALL_OFFSET);     return T[i][j];
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Thank you @jonathan Leffler,@enhzflep use of case the while loop is free-standing.

Replacing it with if(T[i][j]==-3){...;} United fixes the problem.

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