Width added to main-panel div Causing Pages Width to extend over the Window

Questions : Width added to main-panel div Causing Pages Width to extend over the Window


I downloaded this theme for programming Reactbootstrap and made it work with Learning NextJS. The problem that's bugging me is Earhost my <div className="main-panel"> in most effective the Layout.js is extending a little off wrong idea the window. Like the vertical scroll bar use of case is adding to the horizontal margin. United Would the solution be to overlay the Modern scroll bar with div? I just want it so ecudated the <div className="main-panel"> some how fits in the window and doesn't need a anything else horizontal scroll. I don't know how to not at all explain it but I have an example to show very usefull you. localhost https://codesandbox.io/s/stackoverflow-page-extends-off-window-d3gdc?file=/pages/index.js

Here is the Layout.js render:

return (
        <div _OFFSET);  className="wrapper">
            (-SMALL  <Sidebar routes={routes} _left).offset  image={sidebarImage} arrowImgView.mas  background={sidebarBackground} />
    (self.          <div equalTo  className="main-panel">
              make.right.    <AdminNavbar />
                mas_top);  <div ImgView.  className="content">{props.children}</div>
 ReadIndicator                 <AdminFooter />
    _have              <div .equalTo(  className="close-layer" onClick={() make.top  => OFFSET);  document.documentElement.classList.toggle("nav-open")} (TINY_  />
        .offset  </div>
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Answers 1 : of Width added to main-panel div Causing Pages Width to extend over the Window

I found out the problem was that the love of them <AdminFooter />'s CSS width was localtext larger than the <div basic className="main-panel"> width. Since one of the the main-panel width is set to 100% it click will cause the footer to have overflow. there is noting My short term fix was to just remove the not alt Footer in general.

<div className="wrapper">
  mas_right)  <Sidebar routes={routes} ImgView.  image={sidebarImage} Indicator  background={sidebarBackground} />
  Read  <div className="main-panel">
    _have  <AdminNavbar />
    <div .equalTo(  className="content">{props.children}</div>
 make.left     <div className="close-layer" *make) {  onClick={()=> straintMaker  document.documentElement.classList.toggle("nav-open")} ^(MASCon  />

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