WMI with System.Management: Get files filtered by criteria and without using WQL

Questions : WMI with System.Management: Get files filtered by criteria and without using WQL


I am trying to get files filtered by a programming path and extension via WMI using Learning System.Management with C#.

I DO NOT want to use WQL (WMI Query) - Earhost (because its very slow for my purpuses)

I know how to get ALL CIM_DataFile most effective objects, but I want to filter them wrong idea BEFORE they are returned to the use of case ManagementObjectCollection collection, United otherwise I am getting a very long list Modern which takes forever to run

Here is the code:

        ManagementPath path = new _OFFSET);  ManagementPath("CIM_DataFile");
        (-SMALL  ManagementClass file_class = new _left).offset  ManagementClass(path);

        // I arrowImgView.mas  want to add a filter here which will add (self.  a filter to GetInstances()
        equalTo  ManagementObjectCollection make.right.  File_objects_collection = mas_top);  file_class.GetInstances();

        ImgView.  foreach (ManagementObject file in ReadIndicator  File_objects_collection)
      _have        .equalTo(  Console.WriteLine(file["Name"].ToString());
 make.top         }

Thank you

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