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Python given an array A of N integers, returns the smallest positive integer (greater than 0) that does not occur in A in O(n) time complexity

For Example: Input: A = [ 6 4 3 -5 0 2 -7 1 ] Output: 5 Since 5 Is The Smallest Positive Integer That Does Not Occur ...Read More

Is there a faster Reverse String Algorithm for JavaScript?

So I'm Looking For The Fastest Possible Reverse String Function. Here Are My Function And All The Functions That I Found ...Read More

Sum of remainders over the entire array for several queries

I Am Looking At This Challenge: You Are Provided An Array A[ ] Of N Elements. Also, You Have To Answer M Queries. ...Read More

Solving Minimum Allocation using Dynamic programming

Can The "allocate Minimum No Of Pages" Problem Be Solved Using DP? You Are Given N Number Of Books. Every Ith Book ...Read More

Training of continuous densitiy HMMs with underflow in calculating densities

I Have Implemented The Evaluation And Training Algorithms For HMM Following The Rabiner Tutorial For A ...Read More

Postfix Algorithm Evaluation in JS

This Is What We Start With: '7.7+7' The Input Of The Function Is An Array Of Strings (original Input Converted ...Read More

Assuming initial position is (1, 1), find out if you can reach (x, y) by the following given rules at each step

Closed. ...Read More

Delete numbers from the existing set of data and create new sets

I Have List Of Ranges. Now I Will Be Provided With The List Of Number & I Have To Delete The Number Form The ...Read More

How do I proof, that this algorithm gives out the right probability for finding the euro in the desk drawers?

Assignment There Is A Desk In Your Office That Has A 50% Chance Of Holding One Euro. This Desk Has Three Drawers. If There ...Read More

Split a list into n sublists in all possible ways

I Want To Split A List Into A Given Number N Sublists In All Possible Ways In Java. For Example [1, 2, 3, 4] Where N = ...Read More

Delete based on presence

I'm Trying To Analyze An Article To Determine If A Specific Substring Appears. If "Bill" Appears, Then I Want To ...Read More

How to find the product of paths in a matrix from top-left to bottom-right in less than exponential time complexity?

How To Efficiently Find The Product Of Paths To Reach Mat[r-1][c-1] From Mat[0][0] If We Can ONLY Move Rightwards ...Read More

write a java program that include a function called getVowel() that takes a linked list

Closed. ...Read More

Firebase Revenue AB testing algorithm

We Have Run An AB Test At Firebase Which Has The Following Results: I Was Also Building My Own Bayesian AB-test Suite ...Read More

How could we count the elements inside a doubly linked list (circular list), where we do not know the initial state nor where is head / tail‽

I Am Doing The Following Programming Exercise: How Many Wagons Are In The Train?. The Statement Is: You Are In A ...Read More

Can we solve this Sock Merchant problem in less complexity?

I Have Solved The Hackerrank Sock Merchant Problem But I Want To Reduce The Complexity Of The Code(I Am Not Sure That ...Read More

TradingView Pine Script Multiple crossover strategy

I Am Desperately Looking For Help With Writing A Strategy In Trading View Where I'm Trying To Create A Crossover Buy ...Read More

Find max sum path and trace its path in 2d matrix with obstacles

For Example I Have 2d Matrix Like This: .X..X.. 2...2.. ..X.1.. 2.....X Starting At (0,0),I Can Move Down 1 Cell Or Right ...Read More

PyTorch BERT model with distributed fused LAMB algorithm fails when CUDA graph is enabled

A PyTorch BERT Model With Distributed Fused LAMB Algorithm Which Applies CUDA Graphs Fails To Run When CUDA ...Read More

Application design for bulk insert/update

I Came Across One Use Case Where User May Send Bulk Records Through UI For Postgres Table Update . Maximum Possible ...Read More

An algorithm worst case O(n²) is better than a Ω(n log n) worst case?

An Algorithm Is Ω (n Log N) Then Its Better Than O(n²) Right? ...Read More

Fastest function to find largest perfect squares of a single number?

I'm Attempting To Write An Algorithm That Will Find The Largest Perfect Squares Of A Given Integer, Subtracting Their ...Read More

Create unique identifier for undirected circular sequences

Say I Have An Undirected Circular Sequence That Looks Like This: 1 —— 2 —— 3 / \ 1 ...Read More

Does this problem have overlapping subproblems?

I Am Trying To Solve This Question On You Are Given An M X N Integer Matrix Mat And An Integer Target. ...Read More

Error building AAB - Flutter (Android) - Integrity check failed: Algorithm HmacPBESHA256 not available

I Am Trying To Build An AAB For My Flutter App. I Generated The Keystore Using The Following Below Command: Keytool ...Read More

Create check digit function

I'm Trying To Create Check Digits And Append Them After The Original UPCs. Here's The Sample Data Because There Are ...Read More

Is there a way to NOT give 'bounds' argument in Scipy differential evolution algorithm?

I'm Writing A Code In Python For Optimization. I'm Using The Differential_evolution Algorithm Available In Scipy Library. ...Read More

Exercise with loops and arrays

While Practicing Programming On Coding Challenges I Ran Into This Problem And I'm Stuck On It. You Have ...Read More

How to solve the recurrence relation T(n)=T(n/3)+T(n/6)+1

I've Been Trying To Solve The Next Recurrence Relation T(n)=T(n/3)+T(n/6)+1 I Don't Know Where To Start. I Thought ...Read More

Estimating number of recursive calls in binomial function (Sedgewick Algorithms, 4th Edition)

Part Of Exercise 1.1.27 Of "Algorithms, 4th Edition" By Robert Sedgewick Is To Estimate The Number Of Recursive Calls ...Read More

viola jones algorithm clarification

As Mentioned In The Paper, While Training The Classifier 24x24 Images Are Used. But For Face Detection On Image Of ...Read More

Error message ' No Algorithm worked' in CNN using Tensorflow2 and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Max-Q

I Have Used Standard Code To Download MNIST_Fashion Dataset And Run A CNN, Using Tensorflow 2 (2.3.1) And Keras ...Read More

Binance Future api : APIError(code=-2015): Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action, request ip

I Used Binance Python Api In My Algotrading Bot, But I Get An Error When I Use Future ...Read More

Bin packing problem - Determine optimal grouping of set of values for a given range

My Problem Relates To Files I’m Trying To Group And Merge Based On Combined Size (media Files). In General, I Have ...Read More

Get maximum tree depth for each node

Suppose We Have A Tree And Each Node Can Have Multiple Children While The Children Can Have More Children Etc. Take This ...Read More

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