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Android: Alternatives to AsyncTask?

For My App I Made A Framework For All Network Calls To An External API. I Put Everything In "Services" ...Read More

how to import data from postgres database to android sqlite

I Have A Postgres Database Server And I Need To Download The Table Records From Postgres To Tablet Android (sqlite ...Read More

Working with .sql file in android?

I Am Working On Android Project. In My Project I Have A 'DatabaseFood .sql 'file(initially It Was A .csv File), It ...Read More

Android Studio - How to add a Screen Size Definition

I Am Building An Android Application Using Android Studio. I Want My Layout To Be As Precise As Possible, However, It ...Read More

Android Studio: cannot recover key

I Have Searched StackOverflow For A While, But I Just Wanted To Make Sure... I Wiped My Laptop A While Ago, And Backed Up ...Read More

Run Android test with Robolectric - dependency error

I Am Using Android Studio 1.2 And Windows 7 When Running A Robolectric Test ...Read More

Is there a way to show a preview of a RecyclerView's contents in the Android Studio editor?

When I Add The RecyclerView To The Layout, It Shows Up As A Blank Screen. Is There A Way, Such As Through The ...Read More

How to add button tint programmatically

In The New AppCompat Library, We Can Tint The Button This Way: <Button Android:layout_width="match_parent" ...Read More

Using Retrofit with Rails API

I Am Developing An Android Application. I Decided To Use Square's Retrofit Library Which Fits My Requirements. However ...Read More

Shortcut for copying Ctrl-C not working in Android Studio

I Am Able To Copy Text From Other Programs And Paste It To Android Studio. I Am Able To Right Click And Copy Selected Text. ...Read More

Android Studio fails to Build after package name refactor

I Forked One Of My Old Projects, So I Refactored The Package Name In The Android Manifest XML. The Actual Package Name ...Read More

java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.view.View' on a null object reference

I Always Get An Error In My Android Project. Java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt To Invoke Virtual ...Read More

Android Completely transparent Status Bar?

I've Searched The Documentation But Only Found This: Link. Which Is Used To Make The Bar Translucent? What I'm Trying To Do ...Read More

Custom time picker dialog in android

I Want To Create A Custom Time Picker Dialog (HH:MM:SS) In Android Which Works In Android Os 2.3 Or Higher Version. ...Read More

Unable to clear Browser cookies and Session Data with Selenium

I Have Been Using Java Selenium WebDriver Along With Appium To Perform Tests On Mobile Environment Be It ...Read More

IllegalStateException: view has already been added to the window manager

I Have Spent Hours Trying To Fix An App Crash And I Think It Deserves ...Read More

How do I uninstall and re-run an app on a device using Android Studio?

I Am New To Android Studio And I Feel That I Must Be Doing Something Wrong. When Running MyApp On An Actual Device ...Read More

Refreshing data in RecyclerView and keeping its scroll position

How Does One Refresh The Data Displayed In RecyclerView (calling NotifyDataSetChanged On Its Adapter) And Make Sure ...Read More

Android OnlocationChanged stops getting called

When The Program Is Running In The Foreground, It Works Fine. Only When Certain Other Apps Are Running In The Foreground, ...Read More

How to record Android device's screen on Android version below 4.4 (KitKat)

With Android Version 4.4 (KitKat) One Can Record Android Device's Screen With Following Command Using ADB From ...Read More

Radio buttons in android studio

I Want To Have List Of Radio Buttons And After I Select One And Click Next I Would Like To Perform Different Actions ...Read More

How to create a release android library package (aar) in Android Studio (not debug)

I Have Built My Android Library Package (aar) And The Result Of Build Is Created In "..\app\build\outputs\aar" Folder. ...Read More

How to get accent color programmatically?

How Would One Fetch The Accent Color Set In Styles, Like Below, Programmatically? ...Read More

SurfaceView hides other components on screen

I Am Creating A Layout Of Type FrameLayout, In Which I Am Adding Two Views. Two Views Are Objects Of ...Read More

How does one use glide to download an image into a bitmap?

Downloading A URL Into An ImageView Is Very Easy Using Glide: Glide .with(context) .load(getIntent().getData()) ...Read More

android parse error parsing package

I'm Developing Auto Update From Inner Server. The Download Works Good, But When I'm Trying To Install The Downloaded ...Read More

Remove Search View icon from hint text

I Am Using Appcompat Library With A Toolbar And I Have Implemented A Search View In My App. But I Want To Remove The ...Read More

Run single java file with standard main(String [] args) method - Android Studio

To Start With - Yes, I Know That This Is Crazy/strange. But I Need It :). I Want To Find Simpliest Way To Run Single ...Read More

Connect to host name instead of IP address in android app

I Am Building An Android App That Connects To A Backend Service On My Laptop. It Connects To A Localhost Address Where ...Read More

Does Android support OpenCL?

Recently I Want To Develop The Parallel Computing Application On Android Use OpenCL. As Far As I Know, Android System ...Read More

How do I use SharedPreferences in Xamarin.Android?

I Want To Save And Retrieve Some Application Settings In My Xamarin.Android Project. I Know That In Android (java), I ...Read More

Android Studio SDK location

I See There A Lot Of Similar Topics Pertaining To This Issue But I Did Not Find A Solution For Me Among Those Posts. ...Read More

Android Studio GIT check-out loses module

I Am Using Android Studio 0.89 Fine And Have Added Support For GIT On Cloudforge. All Looks To Be Working Perfectly As ...Read More

check internet connection and show popup

I Am Developing Mobile Application Using JQuery Mobile And Phonegap (3.3), In This Application I Want To Show Website ...Read More

Android WebView - see page in full size (like on pc)

I Think That Title Say All Important, I Want It To Http:// My ...Read More

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