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IOException cannot delete path

I Get This Error In One Of My Projects. FAILURE: Build Failed With An Exception. What Went Wrong: ...Read More

Error inflating class

One Strange Thing: The Code Is Working Fine While Using Emulator, But Crashes While Running Building An ...Read More

Android Studio stuck when creating new Flutter project

I Have Installed Flutter On Windows And Checked All Is Ok Using Flutter Doctor. I Imported The Flutter Plugin. Now, When ...Read More

Use XML attribute paddingHorizontal on pre API 26 devies?

Is The XML Attribute Android:paddingHorizontal That Was Introduced In API 26 (Android O) Only Available In 26 And Above? ...Read More

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method getFont(Landroid/content/Context;ILandroid/util/TypedValue;ILandroid/widget/TextView;)

After I Updated My Android Studio To 3.0 I Am Getting No Static Method GetFont() Error. The Project On Which I Am Working ...Read More

Could not find Android Studio 3

I Have Updated Android Studio To 3.0 And Now Received A Lot Of Issues.. Now Stoped On Point With Such Issue: Could ...Read More

Scrolling in Android Studio with laptop touchpad sometimes doesn't work

I've Had This Issue For A While Now, With Absolutely No Mention Of It Anywhere. The Problem Is That, Most Of The Times, ...Read More

Android app crashes at start with "E/dex2oat: Failed to create oat file" and "non-0 exit status"

My App (still WIP) Runs Fine On Different Devices. But Suddenly It Refuses To Start On Huawei Honor 7 (Android ...Read More

What is the <module>/release/output.json generated by Android Studio

I Recently Noticed A New File Generated At <module>/release/output.json By Android Studio 3 Canary 1 Each Time I ...Read More

Android Studio 4.1 keep showing plug in incompatible error even if that plugin was uninstalled

I Have Updated Android Studio To Version 4.1 (stable, MacOS), Then After I Open The Program It Said: Plugin ...Read More

No "Remove Widget" or "Replace widget with its children" in Android Studio Flutter

I Have The Latest Plugin Version Of Flutter V49.0.2 And Android Studio V4.0.1 Still, I Am Missing This Feature Of ...Read More

Error while waiting for device: Could not start AVD, virtualization is turned on

Recently Installed Android Studio On My Pc, Created Virtual Device But When I Click " Run 'app' " The Only Thing That ...Read More

The system ui isn't responding in android emulator (Flutter)

After Starting The Avd In Android Studio, The System Ui Is Not Responding Message Comes In The Android Emulator. So, How ...Read More

Is there a way to automatically fix all of the possible lint warnings in the whole project in Android Studio?

Imagine You Have A Project With Thousands Of Lint Warnings After You Set Up Analysis_options.yaml File Properly. And Now ...Read More

App widget on click working on emulator but on real device works for the first time then onclick is never responded

I Had Been Searching A Lot For 2 Days But Nothing Is Working. I Am Beginner And Trying My Hands On App Widget. I Am ...Read More

Playstore error: App Bundle contains native code, and you've not uploaded debug symbols

When I Want To Release A New Flutter App Bundle To The Playstore. I Get This Error: "This App Bundle Contains Native ...Read More

Android Studio: R.jar: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

After A New Installation Of Android Studio 3.6.3 (portable). When I Try To Build And Run My Project, I Keep Getting ...Read More

Flutter not appearing in languages & framework setting on Android Studio

After Installing Flutter And Dart Plugins On Android Studio, I Wasn't Able To Locate Flutter In My Settings. ...Read More

Unable to launch Android emulator on Azure Dv3 VM

I'm Unable To Launch Emulator On Azure Dv3 VM. Here Are The Settings On My Windows 10 Server. Hyper-V ...Read More

Android how to Update The text style of a TextView inside a RecyclerView after a CheckBox check event

I Am Trying To Make A Simple Shopping List Kind Of App, Where Each Item Is Displayed In A RecyclerView With A CheckBox ...Read More

Android Studio does not rearrange import in lexicographic order

Given The Following Imports Import Javax.inject.Inject Import ...Read More

Android Command line tools sdkmanager always shows: Warning: Could not create settings

I Use The New Command Line Tools For Android Because The Old Sdk-tools Repository Of Android Isn't Available Anymore. ...Read More

"Hot reload on save" not working on my Android Studio 3.5.3

I Have A Flutter Project That I Created From Android Studio. But When I Make Some Changes And Hit Ctrl + S For Saving, ...Read More

Error Out Of Memory in flutter and Android studio

Today When I Try To Run My Flutter Project On Android Studio, Unfortunately I Have ...Read More

No incremental compile snapshot data available gradle error

I Am Launching A Gradle Task And It Gives Me An Error Like No Incremental Compile Snapshot Data Available. I've ...Read More

Duplicate class found in modules classes.jar

This Question May Have Been Asked With Some Other Context And Dependencies. But I Am Still Not Able To Figure Out ...Read More

ERROR: Failed to resolve: androidx.annotation.annotation:1.1.0: Affected Modules: app

I Try To Add This Package Androidx.annotation.annotation:1.1.0 To Fix Some Problem But I Get This ERROR: Failed ...Read More

How to auto-focus with Android CameraX

Android Has Released A New API Camerax In Recent Months. I'm Trying To Understand How To Get Auto-focusing For The ...Read More

Avast reported that my android app is a Android:Evo-gen [Trj]

I Started Learning Android And I'm Learning From The Book Head First Android Development. In Each Chapter, A ...Read More

How can I use Intent in postDelayed using Android?

This Is For A Splash Screen. I've Followed The Tutorial But It's Still Not Working. It Keeps On Getting An Error. This ...Read More

The emulator process for avd has terminated

Have Problem With Launching Emulator Of Android Via Android Studio. When I Tried To Do It - I Got Next Warning Message ...Read More

Android App Multi Language Support In Landscape Mode

I'm Building An App That Allows User To Select A Language On Button Click. The App Has Three Three ...Read More

One or more issues found when checking AAR metadata values:

Hey I Am Trying To Run My Application And I Am Getting This Error Build.gradle Plugins { Id '' ...Read More

Problem duplicate class androidx.lifecycle.viewmodel found in modules

I Got These Errors When I Try To Run The Emulator Duplicate Class Androidx.lifecycle.ViewModelLazy Found ...Read More

Could not create task ... this and base files have different roots

I've Built An App With Android Studio And Flutter And Wanted To Generate A Signed APK. When I Go ...Read More

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