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Check if a Bash array contains a value

In Bash, What Is The Simplest Way To Test If An Array Contains A Certain Value? ...Read More

Keep a file open forever within a bash script

I Need A Way To Make A Process Keep A Certain File Open Forever. Here's An Example Of What I Have So Far: Sleep ...Read More

Multiple Bash traps for the same signal

When I Use The Trap Command In Bash, The Previous Trap For The Given Signal Is Replaced. Is There A Way Of Making More ...Read More

Deleting a folder that contains symlinks

If I Rm -rf A Folder That Has Soft Links In It, Will It Try To Follow Those Links And Delete The Corresponding Folder, Or ...Read More

How to properly nest Bash backticks

Either I Missed Some Backlash Or Backlashing Does Not Seem To Work With Too Much Programmer-quote-looping. $ ...Read More

How to convert timestamps to dates in Bash?

I Need A Shell Command Or Script That Converts A Unix Timestamp To A Date. The Input Can Come Either From The First ...Read More

How to convert a string to lower case in Bash

Is There A Way In Bash To Convert A String Into A Lower Case String? For Example, If I Have: A="Hi All" I Want To ...Read More

Bash variable expansion causes Java commandline to break

I've Been Experiencing A Strange Issue The Last Couple Of Days While Writing A Shell Script Which Executes Java ...Read More

How can I check if a package is installed and install it if not?

I'm Working On A Ubuntu System And Currently This Is What I'm Doing: If ! Which Command > /dev/null; Then Echo ...Read More

Pipe to/from the clipboard in a Bash script

Is It Possible To Pipe To/from The Clipboard In Bash? Whether It Is Piping To/from A Device Handle Or Using ...Read More

How do you normalize a file path in Bash?

I Want To Transform /foo/bar/.. To /foo Is There A Bash Command Which Does This? Edit: In My Practical Case, ...Read More

How can I get the directory where a Bash script is located from within the script itself?

How Do I Get The Path Of The Directory In Which A Bash Script Is Located, Inside That Script? I Want To Use A Bash Script ...Read More

iterm2 change color of tab when running screen on remote server

I Couldn't Find A Script Which Changes The Color Of My Iterm2 Tab If It Has A Screen Open On A Remote Server. Could ...Read More

How to add single quotes in a shell script using sed

Need Help In Making A Sed Script To Find And Replace User Input Along With Single Quotes. Input File Script: ...Read More

How to fix dynamic environment in gitlab?

I Have Built A "deploy Review" Stage And Deploy Job In My Yaml File With The Following Code: Deploy Review: ...Read More

Direnv not loading environment when shell starts in a directory with .envrc

Imagine I Am In A Shell With The Working Directory Set To A Directory That Contains An .envrc File. When I Now Open Up A ...Read More

Script that will transfer photos from phone camera using adb

Story I Take Photos And Record Videos With My Phone Camera And Keep All Of Them On My Internal Storage/sdcard. ...Read More

Execute external bash script inside GitLab-ci Docker build

I Would Like To Execute An External (on The Local Machine) Bash Script From Gitlab-ci.yml Which Uses The Docker:stable ...Read More

WSL Bash Permission denied to create files and directories

I've Set Up WSL (Windows Subsystem For Linux) On My Windows 10 To Utilize Bash. I've Created A Linux User, Installed ...Read More

How to run jq from gitbash in windows?

I Have Gitbash In Windows. I Am Trying To Run Jq But Its Giving Me Error. $ ./jq-win64.exe Jq Parse Error: ...Read More

BASH syntax error nc -vvv 80 GET /<?php system($_GET['cmd']);?> bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

This Is Request I Am Generating For Practicing LFI. Nc -vvv 80 GET ...Read More

Command not found when using sudo

I Have A Script Called In My Home Folder. When I Navigate To This Folder, And Enter ./, I Get ...Read More

\n escaped when writing to a file in Go

I Have Created A Webserver That Receives POST Requests, Creates A Txt File And Prints It Using The Lp ...Read More

How to temporarily switch profiles for AWS CLI?

Updated Answer (7/10/2021): For AWS CLI V1, Do This: Export AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=user2 For AWS CLI V2, The ...Read More

Errors installing PyAudio "Failed Building Wheel for PyAudio"

I Have Been Having Trouble Finding A Fix For Getting PyAudio Installed On My Machine. I Have Tried A Few Different ...Read More

echo $PS1 in script

Silly Question, But Since I'm Such A Newbie At Linux OS, I'm Having Trouble To Make This Simple Script To Echo The ...Read More

Edit Mail rules manually

I Want To Edit Manually The Following .plist ...Read More

How to install packages on OpenFOAM docker-machine - boot2docker: bash: tce-load: command not found

I'm Trying To Install Some Packages On The OpenFOAM Docker-machine Image Which Is Based On Boot2docker. When Running The ...Read More

.bash_PROFILE: No such file or directory in Mac terminal

When I Open My Terminal, I Get The Errors Below And Can't Type New Commands. Shutting Down And Restarting My Mac Did Not ...Read More

Why the process started by a bash script will not exit after the terminal has been closed?

Case 1: I Execute Sleep 1000 & In Gnome-terminal And Then Close The Terminal. The Sleep Process Does ...Read More

Failed to activate virtualenv with pyenv

I Run: Pyenv Activate New_app And I Get: Failed To Activate Virtualenv. Perhaps Pyenv-virtualenv Has Not Been ...Read More

Why doesn't kubectl bash completion work on macOS/OS X?

I Followed The Instructions For Installing Bash Completion As Given By Kubectl Completion -h: I Installed ...Read More

Flutter version management. error : -bash: fvm: command not found

I Am Trying To Install The Flutter Version Manager To Switch The Flutter Version Among The Different Flutter Projects. I ...Read More

The init script works fine in databricks notebook but fails when attached to cluster

I Want To Attach The Init Script (which Has All Library Dependencies) With An Interactive Cluster In Databricks. The ...Read More

Rundeck debconf-set-selection:

I'm Using Rundeck 3.2.6-20200427 And Set Up A Job For Installing Packages. Because Rundeck Runs Noninteractive I Need ...Read More

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