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Flutter: How can I make a Random color generator Background

Generate Random Colors Return New RaisedButton( Padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 30.0), ...Read More

Flutter: "Lost connection to device" error after Hot Reload

Here's The Full Error From The Debug Console: Launching Lib\main.dart On Android SDK Built For X86 In ...Read More

Flutter: Setting the height of the AppBar

How Can I Simply Set The Height Of The AppBar In Flutter? The Title Of The Bar Should Be Staying Centered Vertically ...Read More

How to get timezone, Language and County Id in flutter by the location of device in flutter?

I Am New To Flutter, And I Want To Get Timezone, Language, And County Id When I Run My Project On My Device Android Or ...Read More

Flutter Load Image from Firebase Storage

I See There Are A Lot Of Examples On How To Upload An Image Using Flutter To Firebase Storage But Nothing ...Read More

Round CachedNetworkImage in Flutter

New Container( Width: 80.0, Height: 80.0, Decoration: ...Read More

'_Smi' is not a subtype of type 'bool' - Flutter MethodChannel

Getting This Strange Error. Seems Like The MethodChannel Is Converting To An Int Instead Of A Bool? 06-07 00:16:26.589 ...Read More

NumberFormat not found flutter

Below Code NumberFormat Class Is Not Found In 'package:intl/intl.dart' Package Code : NumberFormat Heart ...Read More

Converting timestamp

I Couldn't Find A Solution To This, I'm Grabbing Data From Firebase And One Of The Fields Is A Timestamp Which Looks ...Read More

What is the Dart & Flutter Development

Is Dart My Only Programming Language Option With Flutter Or Can I Use Other Languages Like C++, Java, Kotlin, Or Go? What ...Read More

Flutter Circle Design

I Want To Make This Kind Of Design With These White Circles As A Raised Button. ...Read More

How to pass basic auth credentials in API call for a Flutter mobile application?

I'm Working On A Simple Flutter Mobile App That Needs To Call Out To An API That Uses Basic Auth. I Can Hit The API ...Read More

Vertical viewport was given unbounded height

This Is My Code: @override Widget Build(BuildContext Context) { Return New Material( Color: Colors.deepPurpleAccent, ...Read More

No implementation found for method getAndroidDeviceInfo

I Am Trying To Run This Example In The Plugin Page And I Get This Error I/flutter ( ...Read More examples from dartlang threw 'uncaught' error on dartpad (beginner level)

Im Trying To Follow Tutorials From "Dart For Absolute Beginner" Book And ...Read More

Flutter: Right overflowed by 200 pixels

I'm Testing Chips Inside My Flutter App. I've Added Those Chips Inside Row. But When No. Of Chips Increases, App ...Read More

How to disable splash highlight of FlatButton in Flutter?

I Have A FlatButton. I Don't Want The Splash Highlight When The Button Is Clicked. I Tried Changing The Splash ...Read More

setState() or markNeedsBuild called during build

Class MyHome Extends StatefulWidget { @override State<StatefulWidget> CreateState() => ...Read More

How to modify plugins Dart code Flutter?

I Am Developing A Flutter App, And It Uses Map_view Plugin. I Want To Add New Functionalities To The Plugin By ...Read More

How can I dismiss the on screen keyboard?

I Am Collecting User Input With A TextFormField And When The User Presses A FloatingActionButton Indicating They Are Done, ...Read More

Cancel stream onData

I Have An Event Bus That Handles All Central Events To My App. I Have A Special Case Where I Have A Sequence ...Read More

How do I Set Background image in Flutter?

I Am Trying To Set A Background Image For The Home Page. I Am Getting The Image Place From Start Of The Screen And ...Read More

Task 'assemble' not found in root project 'flutter_project'

I Used Android Studio To Import Flutter Project.I Fixed Some Bugs But The Run Button Is Still Disabled As In ...Read More

Target of URI doesn't exist: 'package:flutter_gen/gen_l10n/gallery_localizations.dart'

I Am Now Using Flutter Gallary In My Project, This Is The ...Read More

Flutter freezed, when using union/sealed classes how to return a value and stop execution of function

I Have This Method, And I´m Using The Freezed Flutter Package To Handle The Network State. I Want To Stop The Execution ...Read More

Auto_route unable to use the generated file : no name parameter with the name 'reportsRouteUpdateToEngine'

I'm Trying Auto_route But I Don't Understand What I'm Doing Wrong. Here Is My Router.dart : @MaterialAutoRouter( ...Read More

No "Remove Widget" or "Replace widget with its children" in Android Studio Flutter

I Have The Latest Plugin Version Of Flutter V49.0.2 And Android Studio V4.0.1 Still, I Am Missing This Feature Of ...Read More

Using dart pigeon in a federated model

I"m Looking At Converting A Dart Package ( To A Federated Model Using ...Read More

Replace Node-Sass with Dart-Sass in Create React App v3.x

Has Anybody Done This Successfully Yet? I Currently Have Node-sass Installed In My CRA Project And I'm Trying To Replace ...Read More

How can I show just 5 items of a list in flutter

I Want To Show A List In Flutter And I'm Using ListView. The Thing Is I Just Want To Show 5 Items, By This I Mean That ...Read More

Flutter version management. error : -bash: fvm: command not found

I Am Trying To Install The Flutter Version Manager To Switch The Flutter Version Among The Different Flutter Projects. I ...Read More

Flutter Web Firebase TypeError: is not a function

I'm Trying To Use Firebase In My Flutter Web Project. But App Can't Be Run With ...Read More

Is it good to use AutomaticKeepAliveClientMixin in listview having large amount of children like 1,00,000.?

I Am Using AutomaticKeepAliveClientMixin To Keep Widgets In My List View Alive But While Scrolling It Feels Like It Is ...Read More

How to change text field text value after popping from bottom sheet

My Code Show The Bottom Sheet Widget When The Text Field Is Clicked. The Bottom Sheet Has Some Button Which Clicked ...Read More

analysis_options.yaml the included file not found

I Have A Flutter Package That Uses Effective_dart Which Is Working As Expected. (I've Explicitly Tested This ...Read More

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