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Discord.js v13 Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'roles')

I'm Trying To Create A Command Where If You Say A Slash Command With A Use Parameter Then It Will Give That User The Role. ...Read More

How can I add a cooldown on work command (economy, currency)

So Im Trying To Make An Economy Discord Bot But I Don't Know How To Make A 3 Hour Cooldown On The Work Command After ...Read More

How to get all of the members of a guild with a certain role in discord.js v13

I'm Currently Working On A Discord.js Bot To Start Getting Some Practice With Node.js I Have Currently Run Into A ...Read More

Is there way to get emoji id by emoji string in

I Trying To Get Emoji Id By Emoji String. Emoji String Is Looks Like This:<:emojiname:emojiid> ...Read More

Multi-folder command handler

I'm Trying To Make My Command Handler That Allows To Have Files Inside Folders. For Example, I'd Have A ...Read More

How do I pull data using SQLalchemy

So I Am Using Sqlalchemy As My Orm In Python, I Am Looking To See How To Pull A Certain Bit Of Data. This Is The ORM ...Read More

Invalid literal for value with base 10

I Am Making A Bot And Following The Tutorial This Is My Code - Import Discord Import ...Read More

Error: Module Not Found on Discord Bot's Command Handler

First And Foremost, I'm Very New To This. I've Been Following The Tutorials At The Discord.js Site, With The Goal Being To ...Read More bot stops working after having two @client.event or 1 @client.command and 1 @client.event

The Title Pretty Much Explains It Self But I'll Explain It Again. So Basically When I Have 2 @client.event Or ...Read More

incorrect Guild ID

Error Reason Discord_slash.error. IncorrectGuildIDType: The Snowflake IDs 520499240150106148 Given Are Not A List ...Read More

Discord bot look for message from user

I Am Making A Verification Bot And The Staff Members Have To Accept Or Deny The User Once The Verification Is Sent ...Read More

How to make a discord bot generate invite links from other servers, ( or py-cord)

I Am Making A Discord Bot In, Py-cord, And I Was Wondering If It's Possible To Have The Bot Generate A ...Read More

Discord Bot Raising Type Error With Class

I Created A Python Discord Bot, I Put All The Functions Into A Class But When I Did I Started Getting A Type Error, Only ...Read More

Discord py bot using LuckPerms or Tebex to link discord account to minecraft account

I Have Been Creating A Discord Bot To Help With A Minecraft Server My Friends Are Creating. I Am Wondering If There Is A ...Read More Command to add and ban words into a db

So I'm Wanting To Be Able To Do A Command That Will Add A Word To A Json File Attached To The Server Id. I Have The Json ...Read More

Welcome message

I Tried To Greet Users On The Server But Nothing Works. This My Code: @client.event Async Def On_member_join(member): ...Read More

Discum disable console spam

I Am Using The Discum Module Of Python, Everything Works But The Console Is Spammed Messages Of The Module, Is There A ...Read More

discord.js cannot read property 'roles' of null

I'm Having Some Trouble With My Discord Bot And I Could Really Use Some Help Currently My Bot Executes This Piece Of Code, ...Read More

How do I make a embed be edited after someone interact with the button

I Want To Know How I Can Edit The Embed That Was Sent Before Because Of Someone That Interacted With The ...Read More kick command not working with no error message

This Kick Command Worked, But After Adding An Embed It Doesn't. Any ...Read More

Created a code to greet the user and made an embed, no errors except one

Created A Code To Greet The User And Made An Embed, No Errors Except One: My ...Read More

Not adding to the map, Staying the same name "t-1"

I'm Making It So If A Member Says ~new, It Makes A New Ticket For Him, But The Problem Is, The Channel Name Has To Go In ...Read More

filter reactions from specific discord.js

Hello I'm Making A Discord Music Bot Which Will Have Reaction Roles So Users Can Control The Bot Without Typing A ...Read More

Why am I getting an "invalid Form Body" error on my Discord.js welcome message?

I Tried To Make A Welcome Message But I Get An Error. Does Anyone Know How To Fix This Error? Code: Const Client = New ...Read More

discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandInvokeError: Command raised an exception: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'message_id'

I Want To Do Something Like A Hug Command. But, If I Do Not Respond To Any Message, Then I Get An Error That Is Indicated ...Read More

I get this error when i try to ban someone from auditlog action 'member_descriptor' object has no attribute 'ban'

@client.event Async Def On_guild_channel_delete(channel): Entry ...Read More

How to use multiple tokens DiscordJS

I'm Making Custom Bots For A Project And I'm Trying To Connect Multiple Tokens With Differents Clients So I Can ...Read More

Ban Command discord.js (v13)

Hello I've Been Trying To Make A Ban Command With Discord.js (v13) But I Am Getting This Error And I Don't Know What Is ...Read More

Best way to do error handling in a Discord.JS bot?

In My Discord.JS Bot, I Need To Be Able To Handle All Uncaught Exceptions. I Understand That I ...Read More

Why does my code seem to stop at Interaction.editReply()?

I Was Making A Game Command In Discord.js, But When Attempting To EditReply, It Won't Go Past That... I Tried ...Read More

I can't add elements in my schema ($addToSet)

I Have Such A Scheme. When Using The Command, I Want New Items To Be Added There Const UserSchema = New Mongoose.Schema({ ...Read More

How to disable button for a specific user

Is There A Way I Can Make It Where A User Can't Use A Button Unless They Have A Specific Permission Like ...Read More

Discord.JS data.some is not a function when checking message.content against array

I'm Trying To Check Message.content Against A JSON And An API Link That Is Fetched And Stored To The Const Data For ...Read More

How to Export discord server bans into a txt file

Im Trying To Make A Savebans Command To Export All The Banned Users Into A Txt File What Ive Tried ...Read More

Timed mute stops counting on bot restart, discord.js

I'm Trying To Have The Bot Save The End Times Of The Mute, So If He Goes Offline Then Online Again (Update), It Won't ...Read More

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