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How can I name a table with a string or var?

I Want To Program A Discord Bot Which Creates A Table With Some Simple Input. Therefore I Need To Know How I Can Name ...Read More Editing private message for 1 user edits it for everyone issue

I Have A Discord Bot That You Can Private Message. One Of The Commands Makes The Bot Send You A Message And ...Read More

Cooldown on on_message event

I'm Trying To Make A Suggestion System With A User DMs The Bot A Message And The Bot Sends That Message In ...Read More

How to link commands to slash commands

Is There Anyway To Link My Commands To Slash Commands? Like If I Have *play Command And I Just Want To Link It As ...Read More

how to make bot respond to if there is more then four uppercase letter in message.content

Please Help Me Out I Tried Doing This But I Don't Know What's Wrong With My Code, ...Read More

my python command "play" does not work,

I Have A Problem With My Python Script Concerning My "play" Command For A Music Bot (it's For A Cog). I Have ...Read More

How to send a message in an "async def on_raw_reaction_add"

Async Def On_raw_reaction_add(self, Payload: Discord.RawReactionActionEvent): Global Verstuurd_id Global Game ...Read More 2.0 url_as function doesnt work

I Am Making A Bot Which Has Image Processing Commands From 1.7.3 Discord , It Used To Work Perfectly And When I ...Read More button interaction message delete

Interaction = Await Bot.wait_for("button_click", Check=lambda I: I.component.label.startswith("Delete")) ...Read More client.get_user returns none with user id

I Keep Getting A AttributeError: 'NoneType' Object Has No Attribute 'send' Exception When I Run This Code I Have ...Read More

How do I extract a specific data from a Field in python to print it?

I'm Using The API To Build A Bot To Show Me By Different Commands The Results Of Some Votes. For Example, I ...Read More

Create a command to update a discord bot database

I Have Made A Discord Bot In Python Which Makes Use Of Databases To Store Channel Ids Where My Bot Is Running. I Have ...Read More depositing all money even though sending a integer

I Made A Economy Bot With The Following Code @client.command(aliases=['dp','dep']) Async Def Deposit(ctx,amount = None): ...Read More

403 Forbidden (error code: 50001): Missing Access []

I'm Getting This Error Whenever I Try To Run My Program, I Tried Giving It All The Permissions Possible Except Admin But ...Read More delete message log

Hi I Have Made In Discord Py Logs For Deleting Messages But Now It Is So When The Message Was Deleted By A Bot ...Read More

Makeing my first discord bot while learning python.... Bot wont post the picture i want it to

Ok So Im Still Learing And Discord Is The First API I Decided To Work With. So Far After A Few Teaks And Adjustments Ive ...Read More

Automatic change of Discord "About me"

THE PROBLEM: In Discord, As You May Know, There Is A "About Me" Section. This Section Is As Description Of A Profile That ...Read More

Creating an alarm system: make sure member has a certain role

I'm Trying To Make A Bot For My Friend's Server And He Wants Me To Create An Alarm System. I Cannot Get This Member In ...Read More how do I run code from another file?

I Want To Clean Up The Code Of My Discord Bot A Little With Splitting Commands Up Into Different Files Instead Of Having ...Read More

How to get total number of Invites by a user in

I'm Using This Code To Get The Total Number Of Invites Sent By A User By Using Ctx.guild.invites But It Is Just ...Read More

Use multiple cooldowns

I've Been Trying To Use Multiple Cooldowns (for Invalid Commands And Command Cooldowns), But I Get Redefinition Of Usage ...Read More

Checking for word in message previous defined str disnake (

So I Am Making A Command To Post A Message Into A Specific Channel And I Need To Make It So Payment Option Comes Up If ...Read More

TypeError: on_command_error() missing 1 required positional argument: 'ctx'

Error: TypeError: On_command_error() Missing 1 Required Positional Argument: 'ctx' But The Only Problem Is That ...Read More

How to install ffmpeg on Heroku

I Have A Python Application On Heroku. How Can I Install Ffmpeg On The App? I Tried Installing It Using The Buildpack But ...Read More

Why can I not import load_dotenv?

I'm Trying To Code A Simple Discord Bot In Python, But It Says I Cant Import Load_dotenv, Instead Giving ...Read More - Send message every day at a specific time

I'm Having Trouble Trying To Get My Discord BOT To Send A Message To The Server At An Exact Time Every Day. I Am Trying ...Read More

I dont know why I get a 400 bad request error for sending a discord webhook. Everything seems fine but I am new at this

I Am New At This So It Is Probably A Stupid Mistake Im Trying To Make A Program That Sends The Price Of A Stock Quote ...Read More Rewrite gathering list of all commands

I'm Trying To Get A List Of All The Commands Within My Discord Bot In Rewrite. I Am Using Python 3.6 To Write This I ...Read More How to display number of servers bot is in?

I Have Tried To Do This Multiple Times With No Success. Python Version: 3.6 Async ...Read More

discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandInvokeError: Command raised an exception: AttributeError: 'Command' object has no attribute 'server'

@FiveStarBot.command(pass_context=True) Async Def Globalmessage(cxt, *, Text : Str): X = Message.server.members ...Read More

RuntimeWarning: coroutine was never awaited

Been Having A Lot Of Trouble Lately Trying To Make My Discord Bot Simply Pull Data From And Give The ...Read More

Carry out ongoing, branching conversation with Discord bot

With Asynchronous/ Dynamic Functionality, How Do I Achieve Running In A More Rail-like Manner As A Normal ...Read More

How can i redirect the member when login to my webapp in python

I Have The Runtime Error. RuntimeError: The Session Is Unavailable Because No Secret Key Was Set. Set The Secret_key ...Read More

Play all songs in a queue

This Is The Code That I Have: @commands.command(pass_context=True, Aliases= ["aq"]) Async Def Add_queue(self, Ctx, *, Url): ...Read More

Nextcord Display User Avatar

@client.command() Async Def Avatar(ctx, *, Member : Nextcord.Member = None): If Member == None: ...Read More

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