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OperationalError, no such column. Django

I Am Very New To Django And Was Able To Finish The Tutorial On Without Any Errors. I Am Now Going ...Read More

How to make a Django view ONLY accessible to Unauthenticated users?

I'm Building A Django API View By Extending The Rest_framework.views.APIView Class. I Have Successfully Built Many APIs ...Read More

How can I use SessionAuthentication to make a login rest API with Django Rest Framework?

I Want To Do A Rest Api To Be Able To Login To My Django App (from An Android App) Using A Request Like Curl -X ...Read More

TemplateDoesNotExist at /polls/

I Have Been Trying Out The Django TutorialDjango Tutorial Page 3 And Encountered This Error "TemplateDoesNotExist ...Read More

pass form errors in TemplateView in Django?

This Is How My Looks: Class HomePageView(TemplateView): Template_name="home.html" ...Read More

Rendering field errors in django-crispy-forms with inline forms

I'm Using Bootstrap3 As The Default Template Pack In Django_crispy_forms, And Trying To Render A Form With The ...Read More

Regex in Django query set

I'm Trying To Write A Django Query That Will Filter By A Particular Regex Pattern. I Want To Filter By A Code That Pulls ...Read More

MultipleObjectsReturned with get_or_create

I'm Writing A Small Django Command To Copy Data From A Json API Endpoint Into A Django Database. At The Point I ...Read More

Django Templates generate messy whitespace HTML

How Can I Make The Generated HTML Be Cleaner In Terms Of Whitespce? Django Templating Seems To Be Very Sloppy ...Read More

Django, creating a custom 500/404 error page

Following The Tutorial Found Here Exactly, I Cannot Create A Custom 500 Or 404 Error Page. If I Do Type In A Bad Url, ...Read More

Django REST Framework - Serializing optional fields

I Have An Object That Has Optional Fields. I Have Defined My Serializer ...Read More

How to truncate/slice strings on Django Template Engine?

Index.html <td>{% If Place Or Other_place Or Place_description%}{{ Place}} ...Read More

Django template: check for empty query set

Is There A Way To Check For An Empty Query Set In The Django Template? In The Example Below, I Only Want The NOTES Header ...Read More

reverse() argument after ** must be a mapping

I Have An Inscription Form That Doesnt Work When Submitting I Get This Error : Reverse() Argument After ** Must Be ...Read More

ManyRelatedManager object is not iterable

Trying To Do This: WishList = WishList.objects.get(pk=20) Matches = [val For Val In Store.attribute_answers.all() If ...Read More

Django - can not get a time function (timezone, datetime) to work properly, Getting ErrorName message: global name not defined

I'm A Django Newbie, I Am Following A Tutorial And I Had To Create Two Models Shown Below: Import ...Read More

url should not change on submitting a form

I Have This Django Application In Which When User Request For "localhost:8000/time/ ,it Is Shown Html ...Read More

How to set content type of JavaScript files in Django

I Have A Django Application, Which Requires Several JavaScript Files. In Chrome I Get The Error "Resource Interpreted ...Read More

How to setup APScheduler in a Django project?

Specifically, How To Setup APScheduler In A Django Project Start Running Write To Django ORM ...Read More

How to use if/else condition on Django Templates?

I Have The Following Dictionary Passed To A Render Function, With Sources Being A List Of Strings And Title Being ...Read More

mysql error : ERROR 1018 (HY000): Can't read dir of '.' (errno: 13)

When I Try To View The Databases In Mysql I Get This Error: ERROR 1018 (HY000): Can't Read Dir Of '.' (errno: ...Read More

django-debug-toolbar not showing up

I Looked At Other Questions And Can't Figure It Out... I Did The Following To Install ...Read More

newline in models.TextField() not rendered in template

I Have A Model With An Attribute, Desc = Models.TextField() I Entered Data Using Admin Interface Provided By Django ...Read More

Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off

For A Task Like This: From Celery.decorators Import Task @task() Def Add(x, Y): If Not X Or Not Y: ...Read More

Django admin listview Customize Column Name

Ok So I Have A Custom Django Admin Built From A Author Model: Class AuthorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """ Author Admin ...Read More

Invalid Django form

I Have A Form That Fails The Is_valid() Test. I Created An Identical Form That Passes The Test With The Same Data Input. ...Read More

use fuzzy matching in django queryset filter

Is There A Way To Use Fuzzy Matching In A Django Queryset Filter? I'm Looking For Something Along ...Read More

Django: select_related() and memory usage

I Am Working On An API, And I Have A Question. I Was Looking Into The Usage Of Select_related(), In Order To Save ...Read More

Custom include tag

I Want To Make A Custom Include Tag (like {% Smart_include Something %} ), Which Realize What Kind A Thing We Want To ...Read More

list_display - boolean icons for methods

When Defining The List_display Array For A ModelAdmin Class, If A BooleanField Or NullBooleanField Is Given The UI Will ...Read More

How can I test https connections with Django as easily as I can non-https connections using 'runserver'?

I Have An Application That Uses "secure" Cookies And Want To Test It's Functionality Without Needing To Set Up A ...Read More

Case insensitive unique model fields in Django?

I Have Basically A Username Is Unique (case Insensitive), But The Case Matters When Displaying As Provided By The User. ...Read More

Django Model field with multiple types?

I Have The Following (simplified) ...Read More

How to automate createsuperuser on django?

I Want To Auto Run Createsuperuser On Django But It Seams That There Is No Way Of Setting A Default ...Read More

Creating editable HTML tables with Django

I'm Trying To Create A Django App Where The User Can Make A List Of Movies. Each Time The User Logs In, Their List ...Read More

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