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Django: ValueError Cannot assign "1": "Vehicle.driver_id" must be a "Driver" instance, but how i would pass objrct in json?

Model: Class Vehicle(models.Model): Driver_id = ...Read More

How to relate multiple same models related_name in django

I Have Two Models Movie And Actor: Class Actor(models.Model): Id = ...Read More

how to send CSRF token using flutter http request

How To Send CSRF Token Using Flutter HTTP Request I Have A Django Based Project That Uses Django-rest-framework For API, ...Read More

How to check if a request consists of session id and csref token in the cookie in Django rest framework?

My Rest_framework Authentication And Permission Classes "DEFAULT_PERMISSION_CLASSES": [ ...Read More

How to use count() in serializers?

I Am Trying To Get Count Of Article Likes,but The Problem Is That I Am Facing With Various Errors. Here Is ...Read More

Django Rest framework url static files missing?

I Got An Api With Rest Framework But The Field Img Missing The Host Url .ex:localhost:... The Img Field Should ...Read More

Extract children with a given condition - Django MPTT and Django rest framework

In This Tree I Want To Do A Query So That Only The First Generation Of The Red Circle Is Extracted. But The Condition ...Read More

When to use API vs SMTP in Django

Can API Be Used To Replace SMTP For Mail Sending In Django Especially For Things Like Reset Password And ...Read More

Serialize and create one-to-one relation with parent_link true in django and django rest framework

How To Save The Object With One-to-one Relation And Having Parent_link=True Using Serializer. Below Are My Models ...Read More

Best approach to load specific urls (views) in Django project

I Have A Django App That Exposes The Following Views: A,B,C...Z. This App Is Deployed On MACHINE-1. There Was A ...Read More

How to access query parameter in serializer django rest framework

I Am Trying To Access Query Parameter In The Serializer. I Am Not Sure What I Am Doing Wrong, I Tried To Follow ...Read More

Django 3.2.10 Per-site Cache does not refresh after data changes

My Middleware Order Goes Like This, MIDDLEWARE = [ '', ...Read More

How to map a patch method over an action with detail=False in Django Rest Framework

I Am Building An API With Django And Django Rest Framework I Have The Following Endpoint: Host/products/ Pointing ...Read More

Securing all rest APIs in django restframework with jwt access token with refresh token

I Have Passed The Authtoken To Frontend On Login And Also Send The Authtoken In Header In Every Api Call. I Decode The ...Read More

Django : TypeError: int() argument must be a string, a bytes-like object or a number, not 'Driver'

When Creating Vehicle, In Driver_id, I Must Pass An Instance Of An Object Drive (so When I Pass A Number, I Find An ...Read More

Is it possible to filter django Many-To-Many QuerySet fields by checking if they're intersection is not empty?

Doing An Exercise About Creating A Django Service That Given A Certain Job Returns The Best Candidates. Sure It's ...Read More

How to resolve error code: RelatedObjectDoesNotExist

Model Class Following(models.Model): Id = Models.UUIDField(primary_key=True, ...Read More

Which one is better structure for FK relation deletion in django?

Class Address(models.Model): Old_address = Models.CharField(max_length=250) ...Read More

filefield serializer is not parsing the file object

I Have A Model In My Application: Class GRNRFIDSerials(models.Model): Grn ...Read More

How to include user's image in Post instance

I Have A View That Returns Me Every Post, What I'm Trying To Do Is Include The User's Avatar Image ...Read More

how to delete forien-key Imagefield in django?

I Am Already Using Django-cleanup. But It Works When Imagefield Was Deleted. If Imagefield Is Realted To A Model ...Read More

How to serialize ManyToManyField

I Want To Serialize ManyToManyField But At The Same Time, I Am Looking For Something Which Updates The Same Using ...Read More

serializer method to set the value of an attribute doesn't work in a post request. I am using Django Rest Framework

I Have A Model Which Has An Attribute "transaction_id" Which Is A Customized ID Field And It's Value Has To Be ...Read More

ImportError: Could not import 'users.authenticate.jwt_response_payload_handler' for API setting

Set Custom Return Error When Using Rest Framework Jwt Token Verification,ImportError: Could ...Read More

How to query using the tables with unique django field names

I Have Try Tables Which Have Somehow Connection Together Using The Name Fields As Bellow: ClassA: ...Read More

How to check email verification code equality in django rest framework?

I Am Trying To Build A Email Verification For My Website With Django Rest Framework. The Mechanism Is Like This: User ...Read More

Django rest framework serializer Got AttributeError when attempting to get a value for field `field` on serializer. Try to nest serializers

AttributeError: Got AttributeError When Attempting To Get A Value For Field Vesting_choice_id ...Read More

DRF - lack of JWT when creating user instance

I'm Struggling With Jwt. When I Create User's Instance, There Is Not Jwt. When I Try To Obtain Jwt With Registered ...Read More

How can I set the accepted content type in django view

I Have Some Views Made In Django. I Have Realised That The Endpoints Do Not Fail With An Unsupported Media Type If I ...Read More

DRF serializer validation - discard failed items, keep successful ones?

I Have An Endpoint (POST, APIView) Which Expects Larger Chunks Of Data That Needs To Be Validated Using Serializers. ...Read More

Get current Logged in User in django Rest Framework

I Am Trying To Get Current Logged In User And Upload/send Information To Frontend. I Am New To Rest Framework So Forgive ...Read More

How to properly override get_queryset in a modelviewset without breaking the query by pk?

I Have A ModelViewSet: Class OrderViewSet(viewsets.ModelViewSet): Serializer_class = ...Read More

Django/React 415 (Unsupported Media Type)

I'm Getting POST Http://localhost:8000/api/reports/ 415 (Unsupported Media Type) When I Try To Submit The Form From React ...Read More

Content security policy in Django rest framework

I Had Added The Following Content Policy Headers But If I Check In The CSP Evaluator It Was Showing No Content ...Read More

django filter on a large list- giving incorrect count or syntax error on ms sql- filtering in chunks is very slow

I Am Trying To Filter Records From A Model Using A List ...Read More

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