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How to check every cell from a column in an excel sheet?

I Am Struggling To Find A Way To Solve My Problem. I Have An Excel File Which Has Data. I Need To Check The Type Of ...Read More

What numbers should be used with vbObjectError?

This Page Says: "If You Are Generating Errors, Then You Should Add Your Number To The VbObjectError Constant. ...Read More

Trying to write a code to remove properties in Powerpoint file

Hello, I Am Trying To Create A PowerShell Script Where It Takes The Properties Of A PowerPoint File And Removes Them So ...Read More

Is there a way to highlight the cell based on different values on another cells

I Struggle To Create A Formula To Highlight A Cell. I Am Working With Two Different Sheets On Workbook: ...Read More

generate excel via nodeJS in Azure Functions

I Have Nodejs App With ExpressJS And Excel4node Library, Which Is Running On Local Machine. I'm Sending REST Messages ...Read More

Creating randomly concatenated combinations of data in two columns

I Am Trying To Create A Random Set Of Concatenated Data From Two Different Columns. Column A Contains Different Words ...Read More

How to convert CSV to Excel using Python with pandas in Apache NiFi?

How To Convert CSV Raw Source From GenerateFlowFile Processor To Excel File Using Processor ...Read More

Load all of Dynamically Loading HTMLTable - VBA

I Have Code That Works To Load A HTMLTable, But I Recently Had A Large List And Realized It Was Only Pulling The Top Of ...Read More

Return values from one column based on sum range for given criteria

I Have A Table With Columns A, B And C, All Values In Columns Are In Ascending Order. Column A Has Serial Number, Column ...Read More

VBA Combobox to auto populate texboxes from data on a spreadsheet using VLOOKUP

I Am Following A Tutorial To Populate The Textboxes On My Userform Depending On The Number Selected From The Combobox ...Read More

Best strategy to deal with multiple unexpected pop-up windows on SAP - DEP?

I Created A Script That Runs Through Orders In SAP And Changes Their Date. For This, It Has To Select First All Of ...Read More

Powershell Worksheet.saveAs saving wrong Sheet

I Am Trying To Save A Specific Excel Sheet From A Macro Enabled Excel Workbook (xlsm) Via Powershell To Csv To Upload It ...Read More

How to create .csv or .xlsx file from a data in python

[ { "name":"Iphone XR", "price" :"$500", ...Read More

Split a specific cell in dataframe into a list of values

I'm Trying To Get Cell Values From Excel Using Pandas. In Some Cases There Are Multiple Values In One Cell. How Can ...Read More

How to fill down functions in four columns to where the data in column A stops?

I Am Trying To Fill Down Functions In Four Columns To Where The Data In Column A Stops, But By The Time It Gets To ...Read More

Compare a cell value to part of a sheet name

I Am Building A Macro That Selects Data From Downloaded .CVS Sheets And Inserts Them Into An Existing Workbook. ...Read More

How to replicate the contents of a cell in one sheet to another sheet dynamically?

I Am Making A Database Of Homework Questions That I Use In My Classroom. These Are Stored In A Sheet Call "Qu Data". I ...Read More

Loop to insert unique rows

I Have Two Worksheets, Each With A List Of Accounts. I Need To Create One Worksheet, That Combines The Two Lists, ...Read More

Power Query M - An operation that uses the database driver could not be completed

From Time To Time When I Run Some Queries I Get This Error Message : An Operation That Uses The Database Driver Could ...Read More

How to print a simple 'Select' on excel with a .bat?

It's First Time That I Approach To Sql. For Training, I Would Like Create A Script, That Will Be Running With A .bat ...Read More

How to delete an existing row of a worksheet in Excel by using XLSX in node js?

How To Delete An Existing Row Of A Worksheet Of A Workbook In Excel By Using The XLSX From SheetJS In Node.js? The ...Read More

Array formula using small function

For The Following Table, The Formula Below Is Not Working Using The Ctrl + Shift + Enter Shortcut. Column 1 Values A ...Read More

Match two values in one sheet with two values in another sheet

The Goal Is To Find The Matching Entries From Sheet1 Column A (ID) & Column D (value) With Sheet2 Column A ...Read More

How to use vbs to open a specific sheet within an excel document via windows shortcut

I Could Use Some Help. I Found An Archived Post That Shows How To Open A Excel File And Go Directly To A Specified Sheet ...Read More

VBA to multiply all cells in a range by looking up value

I Need To Multiply All Cells Within A Range. The Number I Need To Multiply By Is Looked Up In A Different Tab ...Read More

Error When Trying to Filter Pivot Table With Between Dates Using

I'm Automating A Number Of Reports Using A Winforms Application. I Have One Report Where I Need To Update The Filter ...Read More

Mail Merge: Nesting images in IF statement

I'm Using Word For M365 (as An Installed Application - Not Web Based) To Do A Mail Merge Where The Data Source Is ...Read More

Google Sheets or Excel: setting the value of a remote cell from a formula

Is There A Way To Create A Formula In One Cell That Will Change The Value In Another Cell Based On Some ...Read More

SSIS - Add a numbered row at the top of the Excel destination

I Created An SSIS Project Which Exports A Table From A Database To An Excel File. Now I Would Like To Add A Line At The Top ...Read More

Copy a hidden template and put after template sheet

I Have Created My Worksheet With A Template Sheet. I Also Create A Button To Copy The Template Sheet And Put Any ...Read More

Fastest way to delete records on excel file based on value in another excel file

I Need Guidance On The Following. I Have A File With 150000 Records (excel). Another Excel File With 5000-6000 ...Read More

SSRS create PDF or Excel from <form> POST

According To This Microsoft Dev Guidance, It Should Be Possible To Have A Element On A Web Page Do A POST Via ...Read More

#N/A values when resizing Array

When I Paste My Array As Such, Set RngPaste = WksSkillsDist.Cells(iStartRow, IFirstColTotal) ...Read More

Is there a way to implement VBA-Workbook_SheetChange across all sheets of a workbook for changing the cell color?

I Have An Excel Workbook That Has Multiple Sheets. There Is A Master Sheet Where All The Changes Will Be Made. The ...Read More

Send table from Excel to specific people in Outlook based on content in Excel table

The Ask: To Extract Information From Excel, Send The Info To Respective Email Addresses On Outlook Based On The Names ...Read More

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